10 Sites To Download Free HD Stock Videos

These days, since there is so much demand for video production, we need more stock videos like never before. Stock videos are free video footage shot by people submitted to a huge repository from which people can download and use those stock video clips for various purposes. Stock videos will be labeled for commercial purposes or not so that users can be sure when and where to use these videos. Although stock videos are plenty many services have a cost associated with them, that is you have to purchase the stock videos for use.

Depending on the usage, like commercial or not, you will have to pay for the video. The cost depends on various factors like time of usage, publication, media type, geography, etc. However, there are many free stock video websites that offer stock videos for free, some even give away HD video stock for free download and usage.

Websites to download free HD stock videos

Here are some websites from which you can download free stock videos.

1. Videezy

Websites To Download Free HD Stock Videos

Browse free HD stock video clips by category: Click on the categories below to help find the type of clips you need.

2. X Stock Video

Browse from different video categories, and download and use videos for various purposes.

3. Ignite Motion

Ignite Motion is a place to download animated backgrounds and video loopbacks, which can be used for personal or commercial purposes.

4. Splasheo

Splasheo is a source of free video boosters and video accessories. One can also create your own custom animations using different pictures and animations on these websites.

5. FlixPress 

FlixPress is a website to create professional-looking video templates and sample videos. It also offers some video templates for free which are very resourceful.

6. Free Video Footage

Free Video Footage is a place to download hundreds of video footage, stock videos, and video backgrounds.

7. Clip Canvas

Clip Canvas is a paid source of video stock footage and music loops. But there are many free samples of videos and music to download that are good enough for amateur production artists. They have a beautifully arranged gallery of videos under various categories.

8. Videovo

On these websites, you get hundreds of stock videos and motion graphics, which are available for free download. No cost whatsoever. Some other videos however will need to pay for. They too have an elaborate categorization of videos, which makes it easy to choose videos from.

9. Motion Elements

Motion Elements is a great source of premium stock videos. But no worries. Although they focus on paid stock videos, they have a good collection of free stock videos too. You can download about 500+ free stock videos from this website free.

10. Footage Crate

Footage Crate offers free and royalty-free video resources for independent filmmakers and creative persons. How do you like the collection? If you know of any other website that offers free download of HD stock videos, let us know in the comments.

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