10 Best Music Editing Software

There are times when you wish you could cut a portion of a song or add a few special effects. Or even just chop down an audio recording you made on your smartphone. This is when you need music editing software. Unfortunately, most music editing software is paid and quite honestly, overboard as they are studio quality. For simple trimming and chopping on Mp3 files, you need a small, lightweight music editing software.

Here are some of the best music editing software for Mp3 files out there.

Free Music Editing Software

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Wave Flow


This is one of the most advanced software you can get for cheap prices. While it is not as popular as one would expect, but there are more than 60 sound editing and mixing functions. You can find many interesting effects with the tools and filters. Thanks to a visual interface, Wave Flow is easy to use. Before you buy the same, it makes sense to check the software for a 30-day trial period.

2. GoldWave


This is a professional audio editor that offers a lot of features. From loading, recording and editing to processing and enhancements, you can do everything with this one. Another reason to use the software is the easy interface that makes it possible for amateurs to work with it.

3. Acon Digital


Designed by Acon AS, this is a range of software that you can choose as per your needs. No matter whether you are a new musician or a professional, there is something for everyone. This is easy to use software with a large number of features, making it a must for every music lover who wants to edit files.

4. Audio Editor Pro


This is exclusive sound editor software that’s designed for the Windows platform. You can make and edit files and can even do changes to any recording. There are great features like noise reduction and echo. They are available in 2 paid options, basic and professional. For those looking for a great editor for windows, here comes the choice.

5. AudioEdit Deluxe


This is a paid software that allows you cut, paste, edit sound files and even add a number of other features and effects to the music. There is a free trial version available. It has a great visual interface and it supports a number of sound formats.

6. Audacity


If you are looking for software that allows you to edit and record sounds without payment, you have a winner in Audacity. It is designed to be an open-source and cross-platform software that is easy to use. One might complain about the lack of many features, but given that this is free, you will be happy.

7. Melodyne Editor


Those who need professional sound editing software to shape the music, this one is the best. You can do some high end tasks such as vocal polishing, checking and editing wrong notes and add more rhythms to the music. The products from this company have won many accolades, and hence, you can be assured that you are investing in the right one.

8. DFX Audio EnhancerDFX Audio Enhancer

Often we look for something simple that can improve the quality of videos and music. This software is all about that. All you need to do is turn the DGX on, and what you get is HD quality sound for everything you hear, including games and internet radio. DFX Audio Enhancer is available for a free trial download, so you can give it a try.

9. RockN Wav


Another WAV files editor that allows you to edit files and add many effects to it. What works here is the fact that this is a free one. Unless you need something highly professional, you can stick to this one for all basic editing requirements.

10. MP3 Remix


This is another Windows tool that is more fun to use as you can create DJ style remixes and can create a tracklist. There is a free demo option, which ensures you can give it a try.

Next time you need to edit music files, you know the free and paid software you need.

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