8 Best Free Online Survey Tools

Online surveys and polls are great tools for understanding the popularity of a product or service. Customer feedback is one of the most popular ways of knowing where your product or service stands in the market. Surveys can be easily made online, thanks to the free tools available today. But once you start using them, you’ll find that there are several limitations. In this article, we’ll look at all the free online survey tools available.

Best Free Tools To Make Online Surveys & Polls

The first one is Fluidsurveys.

1. FluidSurveys


This app can be downloaded from the site and helps in creating unlimited polls. For a free trial, you can visit http://fluidsurveys.com and if it works for you then you can purchase the app and use it as per your requirement. Free version is good for small surveys and polls.

2. iContact


This app is useful for marketing and social media purposes. It not only helps in creating surveys and polls but also helps in creating company newsletters, etc. iContact gives you an idea of how your survey is supposed to be with the help of their templates which have been designed for various businesses.

3. WebEngage


By using notifications, this app allows market promotion through surveys. Getting feedback from customers has never been easier.

4. SurveyGizmo


If you are keen on market research and are a start-up firm, this app will be perfect for you. You have a variety of surveys to choose from and use the one most beneficial for you.

5. Survey Monkey


Known as a leading, generation next, poll manager, this app focuses on poll and survey creation. This survey app allows managers to create and modify their polls as per their requirements. It is highly beneficial to help make informed decisions and get the answers and details required for the same.

6. Simple Feedback


Just like the name suggests, this system helps management come up with surveys to collect customer feedback in the simplest manner. This app will also help you receive bug reports and anything required from customers including testimonials.

7. Novi Survey


This app makes collecting and going through data very simple and it also has various tools which can be used to create your own survey. It is also available in a variety of languages.

8. eSurvey


This app is mainly used for blackberry smartphones. It helps managers to create and modify questionnaires to collect feedback, statistical data or even reports. Install the app and watch how it fulfills your survey needs.

Technology today has grown tremendously and its benefits are seen in every aspect of life. The task of creating a questionnaire is no longer tedious and can be done on your phone with the help of an app. As seen from the above 8 cloud based apps for surveys and polls, creating feedback forms has become an easy task and is available on your mobile through a variety of apps.

If you are unsure regarding the app which is best for you, feel free to download the trial version first & then purchase the right app. Customizing surveys and polls, modifying feedback forms, rating customer satisfaction levels and keeping a tab on market conditions with regards to your company’s needs has never been easier.

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