Free Portable Antivirus Software on a USB

Mani Karthik

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With the advent of netbooks and smaller laptops, it has become inevitable to protect your devices from virus attack with easy to carry anti-virus software that can be used on different devices at once. Portable anti-virus software has thus become famous because of the fact that they can be easily used across different devices like a laptop, Chromebook, or PCs at will by transferring on a USB.

A powerful USB based portable antivirus software

McAfee, the world leader in Antivirus software has a solution to portable USB antivirus software, McAfee Stinger.

McAfee Stinger Portable was created as an easy-to-use and useful program that can be used to remove specific viruses. McAfee Stinger Portable is an application that can help users clean an infected system. The app manages to remove more than 6,000 common viruses and ‘fake alert’ malware on-demand.

You can download the McAfee stinger software from here – McAfee Portable Antivirus USB Software.

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