Top 10 Free Online Radio Stations

Most of us love listening to songs online, and I’m a big fan of online radio as well. What I like most about it is the variety of content available. You can switch between stations as much as you like and I never get tired of content. Having said that, free radio is my thing. I don’t pay for the radio but listen to them as long as they are free. Free radio stations online have ads mostly, but that’s ok as long as they are minimal. Here is a list of top free radio stations online for music and news.

10 Free Online Radio Stations

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Pirate Radio Network

Free Online Music Radio Stations Pirate

This one is much more than a radio station. There are more than a hundred genres with them and you can become a broadcaster and have your very own radio station with their software package. This is a creative way to make a start as a DJ and can share music with others. Listen to music anytime you want and be a DJ on your own!

2. Live365

Free Online Music Radio Stations Live365

If you like varied kinds of music genres and want to listen to many radio channels on a single platform, this one is just for you. There are no or limited advertising, but what doesn’t work is the interface. You will take some time to start using this free online radio station, but once you start, you will be hooked.


Free Online Music Radio Stations

This is a radio station that is free to use and is integrated with social networking. You can discuss music with other listeners and can find options for social networking for sharing music. They also have a remote storage site, where you can store your music. This seems to be a decent station for everyone to use.


Free Online Music Radio Stations lastfm

An online music radio station that allows some social networking. You can share info with other users and can like or dislike a song. It is good to mention that this is actually not a free online radio site, but costs as low as 3 dollars for each month, but this is a low price considering the benefits that you get!

5. ‘The Inferno’ Radio

There are varied kinds of genres that are combined in one playlist in this free radio station. The lists are made by many DJs of the website by keeping a track of songs requested by users. For those who like to enjoy all kinds of music, this one can be the right one for them with plenty on offer.

6. Pandora


People in the United States can use Pandora that has a special engine that recommends music after analyzing the kind of music you hear and the kind of music that you will probably like. However, there are some copyright issues, and hence, other music lovers of the world may not like it.

7. SHOUTcast by Nullsoft

Free Online Music Radio Stations shoutcast

This is not just a single radio station, but there is a selection of many radio stations on a single platform. You might have a tough time to find a station, and this station is for those who love niche music. SHOUTcast is excellent and amazing for the choices in music it offers.

8. Canadian Web Radio

Free Online Music Radio Stations canadian

If you love to hear the Canadian radio stations, this one will enlist all those stations that have streaming shows for people around the world. This one is really good for the fact that unlike many other stations that are limited to regions, Canadian Web Radio allows everyone to listen to music that the radio stations out there are playing.

9. Real Radio

This is a service that offers you links to radio stations, both paid and free. You might have to download RealPlayer for listening to some of the free radio stations listed here, but this one is easy to use and remains a favorite of many people across the globe. Some stations are playable via Windows Media Player, as well.

10. Radioparadise

Free Online Music Radio Stations radioparadise

This one is free to use, and the playlists are listener-supported, which means you can request songs, and some of the songs are excellent and from varied genres. You get to listen to commentary from DJs, and there is more in store. Maybe this is not the most perfect one out there, but you can give it a try.

Next time you want to hear real music online, you know where to tune in!

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