This is how Advertisements trick us into buying BS – 22 Examples!

Not all ads are stupid. But a few definitely are, thanks to all the ad makers out there.

Here are twenty of such common sense challenging points, ads try to dive across.

1. A clean shave never fails to impress the girls.


2. We add random stuff to make the products better.


3. Being fair can fix everything in life.


4. What ever people in lab coats say, are authoritative!


5. We really mean it when we say “X Times Better”.


6. We just go ahead and improvise products all the time!


7. The right way to eat a chocolate is to spread it all over.

c3 c4

8. Seemingly simple things in life like, enjoying a mango drink could be a sensual experience.

m2 m3

9. Women everywhere are just waiting to get laid.



10. Women find everything sexy, even inner wears.


11. We actually pack an Extra 25% !


12. We do scientific studies to come up with those formulas.

Not cos its easy to and fun, you know.


13. We really add new things, when we say so.

Washing powder “Now with chocolates”, Ice cream “Now with fat loss enzymes”! Bullshit.


14. Disclaimers are not important.

Ironically, that’s where all the point is.


15. You can actually get that bouncy, shiny hair.


16. 7 Days is all it takes to change you.

7 7days

17. By 99.9%, we mean 100%

99 999

18. We’re not selling you alcohol.

But everything else from water to music CDs.

bag02 rs

19. Behind every successful person, there is Paan.

raj rajnigandha

20. Car brands actually put in a lot of effort to get the “No.1 car of the year” award.

2012-Renault-Duster home-i20.png.pagespeed.ce.eILQav5Vhk


21. Your ultimate goal in life is to impress girls.

ShavingShaving3 Shaving2

22. The longest word in English is.


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