How To Get Around AdBlocker Blocking on Indian Websites

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Some Indian websites have started to block people from reading their content if you have the infamous AdBlocker browser extension enabled. Here’s how you can get around it.

AdBlock is a browser extension that will let you block all ads shown in any website. You can also selectively allow ads on certain websites that you like. It has gotten popular recently, since many “newspapers” have begun showing a ton of ads on their pages that pretty much ruins the user experience.

I understand that many websites use Ads as their main revenue but at the same time, websites getting infected with Ads is not in the interest of users. At a time when big companies like Google and Facebook are dedicated to providing the best user experience with minimum page load time and ads, it is weird that some publishers wants to curb it by policing.

In my opinion, this is a bad idea. Ad blockers will continue.

Why publishers shouldn’t block Ad blocker

In my opinion, blocking ad block user’s from reading/accessing your website is like showing your back to the actual problem and challenging readers for their intelligence.

If X% of your readership don’t want to see ads, they have tools to make that choice happen and you are not doing anything good by not letting them accessing your site. They hate ads, and that’s why they want them blocked. Now, if you forcefully show them ads, they obviously are not going to click them.

So, essentially, you are not only forcing them to do something that they don’t like in the first place (in a futile attempt btw), but you’re also losing the good will.

It’s suicide for your brand in the long term.

I wish Indian publishers understand that they cannot fight back technology, instead find out creative ways to move forward and understand that it is a blessing in disguise. Also, focus on long term goals than short sighted quick wins.

How to access websites even when they’ve been blocked for AdBlock users?

Times of India and Economic Times, now detect if you have adblocking software installed, and block you from viewing articles if detected. To work around their adblock detection, add these two lines to your adblock rules.**

You may also either have to clear cookies or temporarily disable adblock, open the website, and then enable adblock again, so that website removes the adblock-enabled cookies. Viva la adblock.

For Hindustan Times:*Blocker*

For NDTV:*

How to access websites blocking content for AdBlocker users

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