Designer Tattoos for Orthopedic Fracture Casts

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Written By Mani Karthik

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Got a broken bone? Have to wear that terrible looking white cast your doctor recommended?

No worries. It’s time to bring in some creativity and design your cast by tattooing your broken bone cast.

Casttoo is a product that peps up your broken bone/fracture plaster of Paris, orthopedic cast with some vibrant tattoos.

It basically gives you a better healing process by making you wear a designer orthopedic cast that has some vibrant colored tattoo designs.

Orthopedic cast designs & tattoos

Here are some of the pictures of “casttoos”.

Designer Tattoos for Orthopedic Fracture Casts

Check out the website and get more selections of cast tattoos – Casttoo.

Next time you break a bone and the doctor recommends a cast, you know where to head. 😉