How To Get Reliance Jio Premium Fancy Numbers

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Don’t you wish you had a fancy, remember-able number that you can flash on your business cards? Well, getting a fancy Reliance Jio number is now possible.

What are fancy numbers?

So, what exactly are fancy numbers?

Well, these are easy to remember numbers with some kind of patterns on them. Like for example, +91-91919-91919. You see what I’m saying?

Some people choose to get a fancy number just for getting a easy to remember name but some people also get it based on numerology and other personal beliefs (lucky numbers etc).

Where to get Reliance Jio fancy numbers?

Well, Reliance officially does not sell any premium fancy numbers but if you visit their local office or agent, they usually have some fancy numbers with them. Whether you get what you are looking for is up to you and your luck. If you are lucky, you might get one, but with the huge demand, the chances of getting a good one is less to none.

However, there’s hope. When most agents don’t sell fancy numbers officially, there are people who have already gotten fancy numbers and will port it to your name. Easy peasy!

What’s the catch? A hefty price. Obviously, premium fancy numbers aren’t for everyone. So those who are ready to buy will have to pay a big price.

Prices range from Rs.1,000 to even Rs.25,000.

If you are interested in getting a Reliance Jio fancy number, sign up with your details on this form.

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