Google’s Most Powerful Product, Nobody Told You About

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The name might sound like an online food ordering service, but it is not even close. Google Takeout is not your average daily use application, instead, one that safely can be called – the most important and powerful one, out there. For obvious reasons, not everyone knows about it though.

Welcome to Google Takeout.

Google Takeout allows you to download a copy of your data stored within Google products. Any Google product. It is a repository of all the information you ever shared with Google – including your personal information, sensitive information, contacts, private photo albums, almost everything.

Google doesn’t prompt us to use its Takeout product that very often like Gmail or Google+. It lies deep within the links, that you might come over it once while searching for deleted old data. It is like a hidden gem that lies there awaiting you.

What does Google Takeout do?

Well, Google Takeout has all your data from within Google products, so it is something you might want to protect with all your might. If a hacker gets access to your Google account, here’s where he would head immediately. He can download your entire life on his hard disk, in a matter of minutes.

Google’s Most Powerful Product, Nobody Told You About

Once you login to Google Takeout, it shows you a list of Google products from which you can download your data.

Google’s Most Powerful Product, Nobody Told You About

For instance, all your contact data can be downloaded as vCards. HTML, CSVs, or PDF data in just a click! All the contacts get downloaded as separate PDF files (if you selected it) according to your lists. Sweet, isn’t it?

Similarly, you can download all your previous Buzz data (Remember that guy?), Google Plus Ones, Google Circles, Google Drive data (Super Efficient!), Google Knol (Whatever that is), Picasa Web Albums, Google Profile Data, Google Voice, Google Stream (Google Plus) or all together if you like.

The downloads will be available online only for a week, beyond which it expires.

I wish it let me download all my Gmail data as well.

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