How Can H1 Visa Holders Get Their First Credit Card

Credit cards are widely used in all countries of the world & they are used in gas stations, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, car rental services etc.  The use of credit cards helps people to buy things without carrying any physical cash.  Very few banks in the US offer a credit card to H1 Visa immigrants, as most of them prefer customers with past history of credit card usage due to their financial security reasons.

The credit cards may be either Visa or Master Card or American Express or Discover, irrespective of the company providing the credit card. H1 Visa immigrants in the US must choose a credit card that offers maximum facilities and discounts for them.

10 Tips for H1 Visa holders to get their first credit card

Find below 10 tips for getting a credit card for H1 Visa immigrants in the US:

Opening a bank account in any US bank

The H1Visa immigrants can open an account in any bank with a minimum limit using their Visa card or Green card, which will facilitate in getting a credit card from that bank.

Find out a bank which offers secure credit card

All the banks are not ready to offer credit cards to H1 Visa immigrants, as they do not trust new immigrants. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the few banks that are ready to give credit cards to immigrants, with a low credit limit which will increase gradually with continuous use of the credit card.

Carry all important documents

It is important to have all necessary papers including stamped Visa card and other legal documents for immigration to US  to obtain a credit card.

Choose a secure credit card

There are four types of credit cards in the US, so immigrants can choose the most suitable one among Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover card, according to their needs and special discount facilities at some hotels or shopping malls or for booking of air tickets to some extent.

Be careful using credit cards

Any immigrant using credit card in the US must always use it very carefully and should always check the amount written on receipt before signing it. The user must keep the credit card very securely too.

Keep all details of the credit card securely

All used receipts or any other document containing credit card details, should be destroyed so that no body else will be able to misuse the credit card.

Understand the US banking system

Any immigrant carrying H1Visa card, must try to understand all the banking rules of the US completely, before applying for a credit card, so that he does not land in any trouble after applying for a credit card.

Know about credit card charges

The H1 Visa immigrants must gather enough knowledge about all the charging rates of the credit cards available in the US for immigrants, so that they can avail a credit card with minimum charges.

Keep clean financial record in US

When a person has a clean financial record regarding expenditure using their credit card or other  financial dealings in the US, it is very easy for him to get another credit card. Though a new immigrant has no financial record, he will have to build up a suitable record to get a credit card.

Be member of credit unions

A H1 Visa immigrant may become member of many Credit Unions, like DCU, TCU, and Patelco, according to their job, so that he can avail all facilities regarding his credit card or loan.

All the best! Let me know if you have any comments or questions below.

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