HDFC Infinia Review – Should you get it?

If you ask me which is the most sought-after credit card in India today, I’d probably point to Infinia.

HDFC Infinia is a premium credit card that is not very easy to get (there, I said it!).

Those who got it had to prove to the RM/Branch Manager about their spending history, credit score, and “your worth” before even being considered for it.


Because it is a premium card and comes with it a lot of risks (for the bank). So, they reserve it for the best.

This card is for the super-rich guy you envy. There, I said it.

So, who is eligible for HDFC Infinia, you ask?

Well, folks with a minimum of Rs. 45 Lakhs annual income, to start with.

An excellent credit history, of course (say 800+).

High spends on other cards you use (5-8 Lakhs per annum).

A well-proven track record with the bank might come in handy.

Why is HDFC Infinia so sought after?

One, status.

HDFC Infinia comes with Rs.8 Lakhs upwards credit limit. Which is very high.

Also, it has this neat feature called NPSL (No Pre-set Spending Limit). This means, that if you ever wanted to get higher credit limits, you ask them and they give. Simple as that.

Second, HDFC Infinia gives you tremendous benefits.

Like unlimited lounge access!

For a frequent traveler, who doesn’t want to be bothered about lounge accesses, this is God-send. For both domestic and international travel, you can use the card for complimentary lounge access. (Priority Pass comes free with this thing, man!)

Low foreign currency markup fees!

If you’re an international traveler, you can use the HDFC Infinia card for all kinds of transactions like dining, hotel reservations, and shopping.

Of course, every other card lets you do it. But why the HDFC Infinia?

Well, the HDFC Infinia card gives you the best international currency markup fees (~2%), which is probably the lowest in this segment.

So, how can you get the HDFC Infinia card?

Easy peasy.

First off, you need to have at least Rs. 45 Lakhs in ITR (Income Tax Returns) filed. That is if you’re trying to get it for the first time.

If you’re using other credit cards at the moment, then… HDFC prefers that you have an existing valuable relationship with them.

Have high spending on existing cards, so you can ask for an upgrade.

Have good exposure to other HDFC products (life insurance policies, DEMAT accounts, etc).

Basically, if your RM (Relationship Manager) is happy to have you as their client, and has been serving you for a while, then you can have a shot at it.

Essentially, prove that you are a high net worth individual to the bank, and the Infinia could be yours.

HDFC Infinia Review

Now, that’s a credit card to die for, eh?

HDFC Infinia Credit Card Features & Technical Stuff

  • No Pre-set Spending Limit
  • Priority Pass Membership
  • Unlimited Airport Lounge Access (Domestic & International)
  • Personal Concierge Services (Chartered flights, Private Yachts anyone?)
  • Complimentary Golf Course Access
  • 15% Dining discount across 3000+ hotel chains in India
  • 5 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent
  • Convert Reward Points into AirMiles
  • Lowest foreign currency markup fee (2% + GST)
  • No cash withdrawal fee for up to 40% of your credit limit
  • Priority customer service (You still have to be on IVR though)
  • Insurance benefits
  • The first-year fee is Rs 10,000+GST
  • Low interest rate (1.99% + GST)
  • NRIs are eligible but by invite only.

If you want one, locate an HDFC bank nearby and talk to the Branch Manager!

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  1. Naman Jain

    Hi, great review!
    Is there any allowance for guests at domestic/international lounges?
    And is there any limit on the Instant Vouchers purchase @ Smartbuy with 10X reward points?

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