30 Amazing Paintings of Hindu Gods!

Indian epics like Mahabharatha and Ramayana has several interesting characters that are so intricate in their design and character.

Many artists have depicted these Gods and characters in their own perspective and visuals over the period of time. Most of the mainstream or widely accepted forms are polished and “neautralized” versions of these characters and vary a lot from their original descriptions.

Here are some amazing paintings of Hindu Gods from various Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha by Anirudh, where they are visualized from a different perspective.

1.  Yudhistira


2.  Yama


3.  Yajnaseni


4.  Vayu – The god of wind.


5.  Varuna – The god of water.


6.  Surya – The sun god.


7.  Skanda


8.  Shiva & Sati

Shiva and Sati

9.  Parasuram

Sage Agastya

10.  Rudra


11.  Ravana


12.  Ranaveera


13.  Ramasura


14.  Rama & Sita

Rama and Sita

15.  Narasimha


16.  Kunti & Pandavas

Kunti and Pandavas

17.  Keshava


18.  Karna


19.  Kalki


20.  Kaali


21.  Jatayu


22.  Indra


23.  Hanuman


24.  Ghatotkacha


25.  Drona


26.  Bheeshma


27.  Bheema


28.  Balrama


29.  Ashwathama


30.  Arjuna


31.  Ardhanareeshwara


32.  Agni


33.  Krishna


Credits – Anirudh

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6 responses to “30 Amazing Paintings of Hindu Gods!”
  1. Amit

    And what is wrong in such a depiction and what’s your authority on the matter? Also, whatever makes you believe that they wore clothes so many eons ago? Take it easy man. It’s foolish for mortals to advocate for Gods. If your belief is so strong, believe that they can take care of themselves and any outrage they feel about such a depiction.

  2. Mani Karthik


    Thanks for your comments, but you’ve assumed somethings wrong here, unfortunately. None of these are my paintings. The artist is Mr. Anirudh Sainath Krishnamani and you can find his website here – https://molee.deviantart.com/. I just curated some interesting ones here, that is all. I’m sure Mr. Anirudh will be happy to take your feedback. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Vamsum

    Hi Karthik,

    I admire your talent and all I can say about your posters are… well… they’re interesting…

    First of all, I do not claim that I know a lot about Hinduism, but as a practicing Hindu, I would like to share some thoughts about your depiction of Hinduism which, I am afraid, does not seem to capture the true essence why someone in Hinduism is considered a God.
    Rama – the exiled king who gave up everything on the orders of his father and fought the mighty Ravana and won back his love. He did not back off, even though it was next to impossible to get back his wife from Ravana but fought against every odds and finally emerged victorious! He is a symbol of fighting for what you love and what is right. I find that this message missing in your depiction. There is no grief in Rama’s eyes and instead seems to filled up with ego and anger which – kind of – misses the whole point.
    I however, find the depiction of Prashuram accuate. He is wounded and in range over wrong doers and the anger and grief are well justified and a viewer can easily connect the portrayal to him.
    Just one more thing, Hinduism believes that everyone and everything are manifestations of the Almighty and their deeds are based on their stage of enlightenment. In my village, a girl who died saving her younger brother from drowning is worshiped as a Goddess but their victorious King earned just a respect among men and he is far from being idolized as a God.
    Hope you make better paintings 🙂

  4. Mani Karthik

    I didn’t paint them Mahesh.

  5. Mahesh

    Why you show hindu goddess in nude poster, first you learn about hindu god and goddess then try to paint them…

  6. siva kun

    Great work done. It is really good to visit your website and learn informative. I like the way you have mixture your words and thoughts to make it really easy to understand. Thanks for sharing the article with us.

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