How to buy Bitcoin in India

In this article, we shall find out how to buy Bitcoin in India safely and easily.

Do you want to invest in Bitcoin in India but do not know how? Continue reading this article and by the end, you will be sure how to buy Bitcoin in India. In today’s modern world, Bitcoin has no boundaries because Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is available worldwide. Investing Bitcoin in India or any other country is not a big deal, Bitcoin is money that you can use to buy anything.

According to the Bitcoin India website, Bitcoin was started in 2008 by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto. The price of Bitcoin fluctuates too much day by day but still, Bitcoin has its own value and successfully reached the status of the best cryptocurrency all over the world. The value of Bitcoin has increased since 2011 because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible which means only you have the access to spend your Bitcoins.

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Benefits of buying Bitcoin in India

Some benefits of buying Bitcoin in India are:

  • Easy way to send or receive any amount of money for less fees
  • No third party interruptions like banks etc…
  • No geographical boundaries
  • Due to decentralized system , there is no security breach or fraud threat at Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin can be used anywhere in the world

Did you know that there are many other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc?

Before knowing how to buy Bitcoin in India, do you know what a Bitcoin wallet is?

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Get a Bitcoin wallet

You need a Bitcoin wallet to store your Bitcoins where your money will be safe.

After installing the Bitcoin wallet, it will ask for your 4 digit verification code that sends on your phone number. If someone hacks into your account then he/she cannot do anything because of two security passwords i.e recovery pin and private key.

These are the basic information you must know before investing in Bitcoins.

So let’s come to our main topic here “how to buy Bitcoin in India”, Bitcoin is just like a foreign currency that you can buy Bitcoin or withdraw Bitcoin with money.

Buy Bitcoin Online

The most trusted websites in India to buy Bitcoin are Unocoin, WazirX, and Zebpay. if you live in India then these two Bitcoin wallets will be the best for buying Bitcoins.

Here I am going to tell you how to buy Bitcoin in India through Unocoin.

Sign up on the Unocoin website and verify your account with your email id, mobile number, etc…

Once your account is verified by the Unocoin team, log in to your account and go to the sell section.

Select Bitcoin (if you want to purchase Bitcoin then go to the trade section) then click on “get Bitcoin address”.

Your Bitcoin address is like this: 1Lk56481FPTBbRmXAavUkNaMGrqSAWCNYJ.

The Bitcoin address is the same for everyone that you can share with anyone who wants to send Bitcoin to your account.

Do not share your Bitcoin wallet address with anyone because there is no email id or phone number linked to the Bitcoin wallet. It’s totally anonymous.

After clicking on “Get Bitcoin” address, you will find two fields where you have to provide how much amount of Bitcoin you want to buy and what was the last price of Bitcoin (you can check Bitcoin price every 15 minutes on Unocoin).

If everything looks fine then click on buy Bitcoins and wait for 3-4 business days after receiving money Unocoin team will transfer Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet.

Good idea to buy Bitcoin in India?

Did you know that Bitcoin’s value is on the rise?

According to the Bitcoin India website, Bitcoin will reach around 50K USD in 2025 so it’s a good time to buy Bitcoin and invest money in Bitcoin.

It will be great if you do some research before investing money into Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency because misinformation leads many people to lose their money.

Bitcoin mining process involves solving complex computer codes to be able to mine Bitcoin in India which can be traded for money or can be used as an investment for future like you invest in mutual funds, gold, etc…

One good thing about Bitcoin is that it can be transferred instantly from person to person anywhere across the globe without any transaction fees. So Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be used to buy anything from anywhere in the world without paying any additional transaction fee for that.

In India, Bitcoin has not been legalized or declared as a legal tender yet but you can still purchase Bitcoin in India.

One of the most popular Bitcoin exchange companies in India right now is Zebpay based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Zebpay provides a wallet service where users can store Bitcoins bought from Bitcoin exchange and can save it there.

Other Bitcoin traders in India include Coinsecure, WazirX, etc (See the full list of websites to buy Bitcoin in India here)… right now there are more than ten Bitcoin exchanges operating across the country.

Can I buy Bitcoin on Zerodha Kite?

No, your Zerodha account cannot trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The current legal status of crypto trading in India is unclear. As a SEBI-registered business, Zerodha can only provide products that have been approved by SEBI.

How to buy Bitcoin via WazirX?

  • Sign up for a WazirX account by visiting the WazirX website.
  • Do your email verification and do the KYC verification.
  • Deposit funds to your WazirX account. You can use IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS.
  • Buy Bitcoins from the exchange.

Here is a screenshot of what the exchange looks like. It has the value of each cryptocurrency so that you can sort through.

How to buy Bitcoin in India

Which cryptocurrency to buy?

Bitcoin is widely used as an umbrella term for all cryptocurrencies. In fact, Bitcoin is only one of the cryptocurrencies available. There are many more like Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc. According to the value, movements, etc you can choose your favorite crypto of choice.

Is it legal to buy Bitcoin in India?

No central authority in India has yet sanctioned or regulated Bitcoin in India. Trading Bitcoin has no fixed norms, restrictions, or standards. So buying Bitcoin in India isn’t unlawful. Here’s more on whether Bitcoin is legal in India.

Can I buy Bitcoin for 1000 rupees?

Yes, you can Bitcoin and other crypto currencies starting from Rs.1,000 on exchanges like WazirX.

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All the best!

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