How to Get Rid of Spiders

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Let’s admit the fact that spiders are by far some of the creepiest creatures around us, and when it comes to our home, we like to keep them away.

Many people would tell you about using sprays and similar poisons that keep spiders at bay, but at the same time, there are others who will tell you that these substances may or may not drive away these unwanted creatures. Read on to know how you can keep spiders away from your home without having spent a huge amount of money.

Get rid of spiders through house checks

How to Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders mostly crawl in the house, and hence, make sure that you seal all the cracks that are visible on the window panes, walls, and doorways. Also, your house should be protected from other bugs because, like any other animal, spiders too come where there is a source for food. Bugs and mosquitoes are easy to catch, and if you can drive these unwelcome visitors from home, spiders won’t come so easily.

Keep trees and trash bins away from home

The vegetation and trees around your home can be really a reason for spiders to come inside.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

Make sure you don’t have trees that touch the house walls and terrace. Certain kinds of trees are known to be homes to varied species of spiders, so make sure the branches touching the walls are trimmed regularly. Another thing that must be as much away from your home as possible is the trash bin. Dirty areas and you might be giving an open invitation to these unwanted guests.

Home remedies for spiders

Well, most of us don’t bother to see the things that are already in our kitchen.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

The simplest thing to use is lemon oil that spiders can taste and like to stay away from. You can rub lemon oil on the window panes and certain portions of the wall where they come frequently. Other items that you can use on the areas and rooms frequented by spiders include eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus oil, and baking soda. Spiders generally are deterred by these natural things and avoid getting close to the home.

Summary: How to effectively get rid of spiders

A clean and well-maintained home can be really helpful in avoiding spiders and similar eerie creatures like lizards, bees, and snakes. With care, you can also avoid spending too much money on buying items and products that claim to make a huge difference in keeping insects at bay.