How To Send Money via PayTM without a Smartphone?

On Wednesday, Paytm has announced the newest feature in the Paytm application that allows users to send money without having an internet service. You would definitely need a smartphone for creating your paytm account and load funds to the wallet. But you don’t really need internet service to transfer the amount.

You must be wondering, how this can possibly happen? Well, Paytm has an answer to your question. To enable an internet free service, Paytm has launched a toll-free number – 1800 1800 1234. You will have to call this number from your mobile phone in order to set your PIN. You will hear a voice message informing that you will get a call back to set the PIN. Once the PIN is set, you are on your own. You can make the payment by calling the number mentioned above, type the phone number of the recipient, the amount to be transferred and then the PIN for confirmation. So simple isn’t? All these without the help of internet.

Where can this toll-free number be used?

I know many of you must be pondering how this can be a secure way of sending money? That’s right. But the main intention of keeping a PIN is to provide the needed security. That’s is a unique code which the sender sets at the beginning.

Paytm’s new feature will come handy to the older generation who still uses feature phones for simplicity. Especially during this demonetisation phase, where everyone is forced to get rid of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. Also, it will come handy to those who hesitate to tap through multiple windows in the application.

What are the cons:

  • Paytm’s customer service number is currently facing a huge rush of calls probably for signing up. Hence, for the trial you may have to wait for at least half an hour and then the customer service representative will address to your needs.
  • In case you are in a hurry to make a payment, it might be really hard for you because the waiting time is too long.
  • Another disadvantage is that if you have opted for Paytm’s payment method without the internet service, then you don’t have access to any other forms of payment. So if the system fails due to the number being busy, then there is a huge problem.

What are the pros:

  • The process seems to be very easy.
  • Once the PIN is set, then you can do the transaction pretty quickly.
  • No need of smartphones
  • Helpful to the older generation.

Paytm has been used by the Indians for several purposes like recharges and bill payments, utility payments, movie tickets, travel bookings, food ordering and shopping. Hence, this step by Paytm is actually a method of going closer to the aim of making cash- fewer transactions a way of life across the country.

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