How to Start a Blog for Free – 10 Free Options

In 2018, there were about 30.6 million bloggers in the US and this number is expected to rise to 31.7 million in 2020, say the figures published by Statista. If you too are planning to start your own blog, here’s a list of 10 free blogging platforms that can help you do so with ease.


Haven’t heard of WordPress yet? This is possibly the most popular platform. It is easy-to-use, SEO-friendly and loaded with features to make your blog stand out among the crowd. It is also one of the most popular Content Management Systems and powers about 25% of the sites available on the web today.


If you just want to express and don’t care about having your own site, Medium is the best choice for you. It is a multipurpose platform visited by approximately 60 million readers every month. You can start writing your articles any time on Medium. The only limitation is that you won’t have your own space and will be featured along with other writers.


Another smart and user-friendly choice for starting a blog for free is Wix. It offers both free and paid templates. However, the free plan comes with a lot ads and doesn’t provide access to e-commerce tools.


If you are new to the blogging universe, Weebly offers various drag-and-drop options to create an attractive site. It offers media boxes, ad spaces, newsletter subscription and sidebars. But, it also has some limitations, including poor backup, blog limits and not very user-friendly management of images.  


Ghost is an effective choice if you are looking for something simple yet modern. It offers various features, such as custom redirects, code injection, navigation menu and supports multiple languages. It is an ideal option for journalists, columnists and writers.


If you are looking to publish short or image-based content, Tumblr is an ideal choice you! It lets you post GIFs, photos, videos, links and TV shows. It is good for personal use, but isn’t a great option for writing business-related articles and blogs.


With easy customization and content monetization options, Blogger is great for earning some money from your creativity. It offers various widgets, themes and options for ad spaces. Its major disadvantages include poor customer support and lack of versatility.


JekyII is a simple, static and user-friendly platform for taking your thoughts and content viral. It offers a directory of raw text and converts these texts into presentable sites. For those who don’t have coding knowledge, it might feel complicated, since there is no drag-and-drop function.


If you are looking to create an old-school and basic blogging site, Joomla is the right answer for you! It comes with a flexible and user-friendly interface and allows you to choose the font, colors, emotion or background. Although this claims to be a free platform, a lot of its plugins are paid and you may face compatibility issues with various plugins.


Another fast, flexible and powerful platform for posting your blogs without spending a dime is Yola. It is a great choice if you don’t want to bore your visitors with third-party ads. However, its free plan offers only two sites and three web pages, which is one of its biggest limitations.

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