Where To Report Abuse on the Internet?

Although the Internet is a useful tool that has helped make our lives much easier, it is also the ideal place for criminals to commit various crimes without being caught.

Internet crimes have increased significantly in recent years. The main reason for this is the fact that Internet can be anonymous, this helps criminals. You can be whoever or whatever you want on the Internet and the chances of somebody finding out the truth is miniscule.

Internet crimes range from teenage cyber bullying to cyber-fraud. There are so many types of different Internet abuse that it is sometimes hard to keep track. With the number of cyber crimes growing rapidly, it is important to find resources to effectively fight them back.

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Online resources to combat & report Internet abuse:

Adult Sites against Child Pornography

Child pornography is rampant on the Internet. Although law enforcement forces are on the constant search for pedophiles, the fact is that there are so many of them, that tracking each one is a challenge. This is a non-profit organization set up in 1996 to provide online child protection services. The site has a Child Protection Reporting Hotline where the public can report offences anonymously.

Anti-Child Porn Organization

This organization recruits volunteers who want to help in the fight against crimes committed on children. Its primary aim is to put an end to the sexual exploitation of children in all over the world. With volunteers from every corner of the globe, this organization remains strong and has dedicated itself to fight for safety of children everywhere.


Cyber stalking is another online crime where most culprits do not get caught. An important fact to remember is that most cyber criminals are proficient in computers and know all the tricks to help them elude the authorities. This site is dedicated to helping people protect themselves online. Useful tips on online security and how to prevent being stalked online are provided to create awareness among people and prevent future crimes.


Over the years, there have been many victims of fraud both online and offline. Many do not report the crimes due to a number of reasons which may include embarrassment, fear, etc. It is believed that many victims commit suicide due to financial loss and emotional trauma that the fraud inflicted on them. This site offers information on fraud, tips on how to identify potential con artists and how to protect one’s self from being conned. Assistance, support and guidance are provided to victims of scams.


This is one of the oldest groups when it comes to online safety, education and guidance.  The organization recruits volunteers from all walks of life and all ages to prevent cybercrimes and provide assistance to victims of this type of crime and harassment. It has a worldwide network of volunteers who strive to create a safer online environment for people of all ages. With the help of law enforcement officers, WiredSafety fights to ensure online safety.


This is a site that is dedicated to helping victims of identity theft and the prevention of future crimes. The Internet has made identity theft easy especially for sophisticated criminals. Such crimes can leave a victim penniless and in many cases, the culprits are not brought to justice. This site provides safety tips and resources on what they can do if they suspect that a crime is being committed on them.


This is a helpful platform that raises awareness about identity thefts and provides tips to prevent such crimes from being committed. It empowers people with resources and tools to fight crime and prevent themselves from becoming victims. Identity theft victims do not only suffer from financial loss but in a number of cases, they can also be arrested for crimes they have not committed.

With so many resources to fight cybercrimes, we now have the power to stop becoming victims and stand up and fight criminals who commit a vast range of crimes over the Internet. We no longer have to shudder in fear as we have access to information to give us knowledge on how to prevent crimes and even catch criminals in the act.

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  1. Anil

    We say sorry for the harrassment, Lakhinder Singh, Saket Kumar and Naresh Gaur provoked us to do these things. Hum apna ser kata denge leking koi kuch isse zada bolega nahin, aur bola toe hum uska ser bhi kaat denge.

    beta, tera baap bambani hae ambani nahin. logon ke andar hamari dehshat faili hui hae, agar kisi ne bhi kuch bola hum use kaat denge. shuks mana itna likh diya.

  2. sonu

    My family is continuously harrassing me (physically and mentally) from past 15 years with the help of paid badmash and they also use spirits (aatma/jinn or some other means) which are invisible that they have learned through a guru in chandni chowk, delhi.
    They have beaten me to almost death 5 years back and there is a constant fear in my mind.
    They keep watch on all my activities and want to take control of my life.
    Their names are Anil Kumar Sharma, Lalit Kishore Sharma, Naresh Kumari Sharma, Neeraj Sharma, Jagdish Rai Sharma, Lakhinder Singh, Naresh Gaur, Saket Kumar, Ranjeet Das, Raminder Singh Cheema, Manish Gupta, Puneet Jain, Jitender Pal Singh and many more involved with them in hidden ways,
    How should I report immense harrassment being done to me from last 15 yrs and I have no proof?

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