Huawei Honor 8 Review

Huawei’s first entry into the US market was through Huawei Honor 5X, a lower-cost device with a well-balanced design. And now Huawei is back with a new device for the US—the Honor 8. The difference I could significantly see is in the price range. Huawei 5x is priced at $199 whereas Honor 8 is priced double than that with improved performance and features.

Huawei Honor 8 ReviewFingerprint Scanner and dual rear camera system were the big differentiation sometime back. Huawei has something different for you all. Huawei’s new release would attract more buyers in its features standpoint – the extremely capable camera and its Leica style monochrome filters would definitely be compelling buying choice.

Huawei Honor 8 Review

Pros :

  • The USP of Honor 8 is its camera, but I believe that the design is equally impressive. There are two sensors – one for chrome and another one for monochromatic shots.
  • The autofocus is really fast and instantaneous. Shallow depth of field effect is the most interesting aspect of Huawei Honor 8.
  • Another feature that makes this product unique is the combination of metal and glass unibody design.
  • The rear of the device has metal fused with glass, which really stands out.
  • The rear panel is a fingerprint magnet that can also be used as a mirror if kept clean.
  • The loading time for application and games are super fast.
  • Definitely, you will not be interested in holding a phone which is too large or unmanageable. Honor 8 is easy to hold and even great for one-handed use.


  • The battery will last nearly for a day.
  • The skinned version of Marshmallow (Android UI) could be a disheartening factor for many as they are not very well received in the market.

Why should I spend my money on it?

Oh! I think the Cons list was pretty short. One of the major reason for buying this phone could be its awesome camera.I am sure there will be plenty of followers for Huawei Honor 8 as these days people end up buying a phone based on the camera performance. I personally feel that a person who has a good phone with a decent camera need not buy a digital camera. Honor 8 camera is going to get numerous hits for its dual sensor camera and monochromatic filters.

This leaves me with a lot of confusion – Is Honor 8, iPhone 7 or Google Pixel going to be my new smartphone?

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