20 Tips to Improve Self-Esteem & Be Happy

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Written By Mani Karthik

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If you are looking for some tips that would help you improve your self esteem, the below mentioned tips would definitely come in handy. These 20 tips would help you establish yourself as the master of your own life and let you lead a better life.


Get the right intention.

If you really wish to improve your self -esteem, you will need to make up your mind that you will do whatever needful, to get the same done. This small step would help a lot while you work towards the goal.

You know, what’s important? Self belief.

Some people do not have faith in themselves and hence, they often lose out while trying to improve their self-esteem. Self confidence is one of the vital factors that helps people earn respect from others.

Plan the right diet.

Well, this may not be directly related, but experts believe that healthy diet and nutritious foods do play a major role in improving the morale and health of a person. This in turn helps them to project themselves as a better human being.

Never compare yourself to anybody.

Comparing yourself with others would never solve the purpose. Different people have different positives and qualities. Hence, try not to compare yourself with others. This may act as a hindrance to your purpose of improving self esteem.

Celebrate success: That’s what successful people do.

At times, little things in life do make a deep impact. Try celebrating those small successes and they would definitely make you happy. A happy man is never short of self confidence and self-esteem.

Review accomplishments.

At times, we only care about what still remains to be done and fail to notice what we have already achieved. Hence reviewing achievement is very important.

Take life easy: The recipe no-one told you.

It is true that life is not a bed of roses, but it is not that hard after all. We may still feel happy about it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Find out your real interests.

We often forget about our likes and dislikes, our hobbies and interests in the midst of all our daily drudgery. This is what makes us lose our self-esteem. Hence, if you really wish to get your self-esteem back on tracks, you first need to do what interests you.

Do the right thing. Always.

Try spending time with people who are supportive and caring. We need not have people around us who never speak positive.

Do good to others. It will always pay back.

Doing good to others would make you feel happy and would put a smile across your face. This is thus a great way forward.

Oh! And yes. Physical exercise.

Exercising is good for health, but most of us do not know that it even helps us feel better. Exercise helps in releasing endorphins, which cheer us up and keep us confident.

Starting small with baby steps.

Make small plans and execute the same. You do not need to make elaborate ideas and plans to get yourself going. In fact, starting small often helps.

Socialize with others.

Socializing with others would help break free from the shackles of fear. Once you start interacting with men and women, you would know how to communicate with people and win their hearts. This would definitely boost your self-esteem.

Do something different.

Try doing things that you are normally scared doing off. This would release an adrenaline rush into your veins which in turn would help you unearth a different version of yourself.

Set goals and track them.

Nothing can be achieved minus targets and hence, setting up small goals is imperative.

Introspection is key.

People tend to make mistakes but they should learn from those as well. Hence, introspection is often one of the vital ways of improving self-esteem.

Discover your strong points.

Learn to love yourself and focus on your strengths.

Wait a minute. Respect yourself.

Respect yourself and others would follow suit. Never give a chance to others, to laugh at you. If you think yourself to be a failure, others would think the same and hence, try to respect yourself.

Be yourself. No really.

Always be your normal self and try to keep a smile on your face. This would help you stay confident even during adverse situations. Try not to imitate others as it is only when people try to become someone else that they start losing their individuality.

Be your own critic.

Experts believe that everyone is their own worst critic. Analyze yourself and have a hearty laugh at your own follies. This would help you to rectify those mistakes & shortcomings.