64 Amazing Pictures of India That Reveal Her Real Flavor!

Mani Karthik

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India is special, I mean, she is so unique in her own way that someone who visits her for the first time will totally be bowled over by her crazyness !

From the ‘newspaper wala’ (newspaper vendor) at the traffic lights, to the matrix defeating electricity wires, only India can survive in its own mess.

India is organized uniquely in the chaos and that’s what makes her special!

And there are some fun moments there in, check them out!

Disclaimer : None of these pics are owned, clicked or attributed to me. Neither could I find original attributable sources to them. If you happen to know, please let me know and I’d be glad to add. Peace!


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1. Small family, happy family. albino-family

2. An Albino family in India.arrow_mouth

3. We do some crazy stuff like this.aunty-harley

4. F*ck the Harley Tribe. We drive it our way!auto_helping_hand

5. We’re always ready to lend a helping hand, or leg.auto_notice

6. Our best copywriters write on auto rickshaws (Tuk tuks?)baby-monkey

7. No, this guy is not in the reserve, he’s on our streets.badass_man

8. Bad Ass guys in Punjab do sh*t like this, once a while, when bored.Brihadeeshwar_Temple

9. Our mighty temples. Some of them carved out of a single rock and thousands of years old!british_slavery

10. A pic from old India. Sad.budha

11. Pretty much sums up, what we think of each other.camel_taj_mahal

12. The magnificient Taj Mahal.camel-art

13. We believe in decorating things, and don’t spare even camels.car-circus

14. And you thought its only about snake charmers.carrying-mom

15. A mom being carried by her son on his shoulders.cow

16. We consider cows holy, so much that they’re welcome home.cricket

17. The only thing that unites all of India is cricket.Dakshineshwar_Temple

18. Forget the Taj, we have some amazing temples with some crazy ass architecture.Diwali_Jaipur

19. Diwali, the festival of lights.dogs-monkeys

20. Talking about helping hands, you aren’t surprised seeing this. Are you?doig-circus

21. Now, you’ll see dogs, monkeys doing tricks like this on the streets of India. Sad.electric_wires

22. Electric posts. Got. To. Be. Messy.elephnat_funeral

23. An elephant dies, hit by train while crossing. This is how we pay tribute.free-school-bridge

24. Classes taken for under priviliged children, under a bridge.Ganges_Meditating

25. Meditating on the banks of Ganga.Girl_Dog_Rain

26. We may be competitive, but we love our animal friends too.golden_temple

27. The Golden Temple – Yes, built of real gold.Himalayas

28. The mighty himalayas.himalayas_stream

29. Just resting atop the himalayas, beside a stream.holi

30. We celebrate everything. Diwali is the celebration of lights, Holi is the celebration of colors.horse

31. We have a thing about dressing up our “pets”.hotel-sign

32. Talk about efficiency.hulk_3d_art_India

33. 3D painting on the road. India style!India Republic Day

34. The kind of stuff we do at our Republic day parade.Indian_Chai

35. You a Starbucks fan? Only until you taste the “cutting chai”. ivory_chess

36. Something from our glorious past. Chess made of Ivory. Stuff is illegal today.Jagannath_Temple

37. Another amazing temple architecture.kid_laptop

38. Damn it man! Facebook has an 18 yrs age limit.kohl

39. Her mom put Kohl on her eyes to protect from “demons”.longboarding

40. Why should guys have all the fun.mahal-like

41. And you only knew about Taj Mahal.man-bricks

42. Spotted rarely in India – The Brick Man.martial-arts-beach

43. Martial Arts practice along the beach.Meenakshi_Temple

44. Another magnificient temple.MOnastery

45. A monastery atop the Himalayas. Just for the fun of it.morning-sheep-herd

46. Morning.not_diwali

47. This is not the pic of India on Diwali. Just a satellite image.notice

48. We believe in re-birth. Well, some of us.peacock

49. Nice view from my balcony.pink_elephanth

50. Elephants come in Pink too, in India.rapeprotest

51. We have social issues, esp the gender kind. And we protest. Sometimes differently.roadside-girl-school

52. Did we say, we value education.sadhoo

53. Chillum. Yes pot.India Republic Day

54. Pretty girls from the Republic day parade.Shiva_Graffiti

55. Messages are received best when it comes from our Gods.

Photo courtesy – Pan Trinity Das, Waste Warriors


56. Yes, we still have Snake charmers.Sun_Temple

57. Another temple – The Sun Temple, Konark.sunset

58. Sunrise.tajmahal

59. The Taj hotel of the 26/11 attacks. Back in glory like a Phoenix bird.temples

60. Another temple.train

61. We have our own ways to get around problems.twosidesofindia

62. Dichotomy.

Photo by : Rangan Halderwhitegirl

63. Visitors blend in with us.work-temple

64. Art is a part of our lives. This, an old one.yellow cabs65. We have yellow cabs too.

44 thoughts on “64 Amazing Pictures of India That Reveal Her Real Flavor!”

  1. 55. Messages are received best when they come from our Gods. Received was misspelled and grammar was wrong.

  2. Nice pictures! The 3D painting was painted by an American 3D artist Tracy Lee Stum at VIT University. She was invited for the college culturals, Riviera in 2011. The road it was painted on is within the college campus.

  3. Great attempt but it would be nice if could also bring out the beauty and uniqueness of the North-East states since they are often ignored

  4. One of the best image galleries I have come across. Will place it in the same league as any of the galleries of The Big Picture. Going to share it on my social networks as well.
    But I would still like to point out that when the theme was unique pictures from India, including 6-7 pictures of temples seems out of place. 1 or 2 pictures of temples would have given the idea that we have temples with architecture worth visiting the place for. The remaining spots could have been allotted to more deserving unique aspects of India. Just my two cents on an otherwise splendid collection!

  5. An excellent attempt to glimpse… to unseal the Essence of our wonderful nation to the world…

    Of course there are many many many more photographs that remain to have been a part .

    But this very attempt is a beautiful beginning… and complete in itself

    My best wishes once again for the artistic attempt !!!

  6. Amazing set of photographs! Just wanted to point out however, that ‘No.3’ has been repeated and the total count is 65. Minor technicalities aside, good work!

  7. Not sure what Subhendu is talking about? I grew up watching the huge republic day parade that rolls through rajpath on tv.great work Mani, you got all right dude.

  8. So glad to see the satellite image appropriately captioned. The Beware of Tigers pic is awesome! Do you happen to know which Park/Sanctuary/Reserve it is from?

  9. This is really good!!!! Makes me Proud to be an Indian!!!
    One thing is missing!!!!
    Photos of our Brave Soldiers guarding Siachin Glacier (the world’s coldest Battlefield). Hats off to Indian Armed Forces. Jai Hind.

  10. Mani, appreciate your love for the country, but confusing Republic Day with Independence Day betrays your lack of understanding of the country, too….

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