10 Tools to Increase Instagram Followers

The big question these days – how to increase followers on Instagram!

For many, Instagram likes and followers is a big deal. A matter of life and death really.

And, the major reason people are making desperate attempts to increase followers on Instagram is to gain an opportunity to earn fame and, many times, money too. More than 30% of Instagram users have trusted and purchased a product they have discovered on this social media platform, according to statistics published by Sprout Social.

eMarketer also revealed that more than 71% of US companies used Instagram for marketing purposes in 2017. Instagram is hot right now and can definitely open the doors to business opportunities and revenues through followers.

Here are ten tools that can help you increase followers on Instagram.

1. SocialDrift

Want to get more followers, likes, and comments on your Instagram account? SocialDrift (discontinued) allows you to increase your Instagram audience organically, using smart automation. Making a bold proclamation of being “the best way to grow your Instagram account,” SocialDrift uses automated targeted marketing to reach audiences and get more clients, sponsorships, and more. This site proudly states that it is a major contributor to the success of more than 30,000 clients and brands.

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2. ViralUpgarde

In today’s times, when the number of followers on Instagram significantly affects your popularity levels, people are unable to resist the temptation to use automation for Instagram growth, traffic, and engagement. ViralUpgrade (discontinued) offers personal, human assistance that helps you get real Instagram follower’s likes and comments. Their feature, “Smart boost,” helps users take advantage of artificial intelligence for Instagram growth. Moreover, the company consistently advises you on ways to organically grow your audience. This has made the site earn the trust of several big and small companies.

3. Hootsuite

No doubt, finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media content can be a tedious task. You can use platforms like Hootsuite for your social media scheduling across networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This app will schedule your social media posts. However, this app will require you to confirm the post before it goes live.

4. Grum

One of the best ways to stay connected to your followers, while saving time and increasing productivity in this fast-paced digital environment, is to learn how to schedule Instagram posts using a “set and forget” approach. Since the option of having social media interns who monitor daily trends is not feasible for most of us, an Instagram scheduler tool like Grum, which automatically schedules Instagram photos and videos, becomes a must-have. The tool is gaining popularity due to its single-click scheduling and first comment feature.

5. Owlmetrics

Popular as one of the most sophisticated Instagram analytics services on the market, Owlmetrics offers social media marketers a suite of tools, using which they can increase their followers on Instagram. This can be achieved by improving follower engagement, post research, hashtag activity, and follower growth, all of which can be done using Owlmetrics. Owlmetrics uses algorithms that analyze historical post-performance. This helps you identify the best time to post content for optimal viewership. You can also measure the performance of Instagram stories using this tool to create stories for better follower engagement.

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6. Yotpo

Want to turn reviews into paid ads on Instagram? Yotpo is a very interesting tool that helps you convert customer content into sales. This is achieved by collecting and leveraging user ratings and reviews posted by consumers on pictures of products they have purchased or used. This becomes a great marketing module for businesses or brands that gather the relevant posts and provide a “Shop Now” feature on them. When your Instagram account becomes a marketing hub, followers are likely to increase and so are your earnings.

7. Canva

If you are seriously struggling to get more followers and engagement on your brand’s Insta account, the design of your account could be the culprit. Canva is an amazing tool that helps you create your own custom Instagram story designs, using easy drag and drop design tools. You’ll be proud of the eye-catching posts you create, while others will be more compelled to share them.

8. Woobox

Did you know that gamification has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of millions of brands today, Instagram users being no exception? A lot of people are resorting to the all-in-one social media contest tool, Woobox, to create contests that can help increase followers, generate leads, and increases sales online. The effectiveness of Woobox can be seen in the fact that it is already being used by around four million organizations, including the NFL, Spotify, American Airlines, and more.

9. Later

The major mistake people make on Instagram is that they spend more time scheduling and posting, rather than focusing on creating strategies that can help them grow their business. This is where social media tools like Later come to the rescue. This tool offers you an intuitive and easy to use a visual content calendar, using which you can plan and schedule your posts in minutes. The best feature of Later is its ability to “Auto Publish” using Instagram Graph API for publishing while ensuring your account’s safety.

10. Juicer

Juicer is an exciting tool that is really easy to install and automatically pulls in new posts from your social media accounts. This is achieved by aggregating all your social media posts and your brand’s hashtag into a single social media feed on your website. The tool can then embed the social media post on any webpage to attract visitors to your Instagram profile. The tool also offers options to set up filters, moderate posts, and analyze your social media engagement.

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Check out these useful tools and get ready to raise the bar on Instagram. But, never forget, it is ultimately the uniqueness and creativity of your posts that will lead to loyal followers.

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