Top 10 International Tour Operators in India

Look, vacations are the bomb. They’re that delightful pause button in the ongoing movie of our lives.

And I get it, you probably love vacations just as much as I do.

Who doesn’t want to dart across the globe, soak up different cultures, and just generally make memories that’ll get you through your next boring office meeting?

But to really sink into the joy of a vacation, you need a plan – a plan chiseled to perfection.

Now, you could spend hours scrolling through travel forums, but when it comes to execution, tour operators are like those superheroes with capes.

So, grab a coffee and let’s skim through the crème de la crème of tour operators in India.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is like the Swiss Army Knife of travel – it’s got everything you need. From foreign exchange to corporate travel facilities, these guys have it all.

Not to mention, they bagged the ‘Favorite Specialist Tour Operators’ award at the Conde Nast Traveler Readers Travel Awards in 2011 and 12. Now that’s some street cred. Official website

Cox and Kings

When it comes to the travel industry, Cox and Kings are like the old-timers at the bar – they’ve seen it all. With offices in India and beyond, these guys have honed their tour services to a fine art. Official website

Riya Travel and Tours

Riya Travel and Tours is like that friend who knows all the best party spots in town. With over ten years of experience, they’re a force to be reckoned with in the travel and tourism industry. Official website

Dook Holidays

Dook Holidays is like that earnest guy who just wants to give you the best. Be it tours within India or outside, they work their socks off to give their customers the best deals. Official website

Oceana Travels Pvt Ltd

Need a travel-related service? Oceana Travels has got your back. With tie-ups with over 3000 hotels across India and abroad, they can make your trip a breeze. Official website

Oxygen Holidays Pvt Ltd

Oxygen Holidays is the James Bond of the travel world. They provide professional assistance to travel companies, offer tour packages, and handle documentation – all with a cool swagger. Official website

Life Line Tourism Pvt Ltd

Life Line Tourism is like the big shot in the neighborhood. Approved by the Government of India, Department of Tourism, they offer a broad range of services to ensure your holiday is smooth and unforgettable. Official website

APJ Tours and Travels

APJ Tours and Travels are the perfectionists of the travel industry. With excellent services for both domestic and international tours, they strive to make your holiday a cherishable memory. Official website

Southern Travels India

Whether you want to traverse the landscapes of India or jet off abroad, Southern Travels India is your reliable sidekick. They cover everything from ticket bookings to luxury stay facilities. Official website

Travel Mint

Travel Mint is like that seasoned pro who always delivers. With over 10 years of experience, they offer professional services and tour packages that’ll make your trip unforgettable. Official website

Spark Destinations

Spark Destinations is like that detail-oriented friend who doesn’t miss a thing. They provide top-notch services for holiday packages, both in India and abroad. Official website

So, there you have it. These tour operators are ready to take the stress out of your vacation planning. All you have to do is pick a spot on the globe and let them weave their magic.

Had a run-in with any of these operators? I’d love to hear your stories.

P.S: If you’re a tour operator/travel agency in India and think you deserve to be on this list, give me a shout.

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55 responses to “Top 10 International Tour Operators in India”
  1. veshu

    I wana take a tour packages for india and rajasthan

  2. alister

    Thanks for sharing with us, i like to travel in Uk, want to visit paris and Switzerland also
    so would u recommend to go for a tour operator or should I go with my family of 3 individually?
    i have my flight tickets with me.
    hotel also booked.
    i need to get visa for my spouse and child.
    so plz respond



  4. Sarthak Sharma

    Oxygen Holidays is not a good company . Bad service .. And also this company is not a famous company. Only 1 single person is running this company .

  5. Rajesh


    I am planning to go on a European tour next year for a summer vacation along with my family.. Kindly suggest in choosing the right tour operator from Mumbai as I am confused in identifying the right one with full value for my money..


    Go with any operator, but never go with Koala, Chandigarh

  7. Rajeev gupta

    Let me know about your international tour operations

  8. Chetram

    You can check vayu seva which is in Kolkata .we did our Dubai trip with them and it was a very well organised trip .Now we are going to east Europe with them in june 2019 . You can contact them.


    Dear Mr. Karthik

    Thank you for this article. Kindly note that I am a travel passionate person and I have 90 years plus old
    father and we need your help to organize for us Cruise Tours which will help to travel hasselfree.

    Please advise us best Cruise Trip which will be good as well as economical. We are interested to take
    the package for Thailand specially phuket and karabi and bali or Singapore.

    We can plan to go in the month of Sept and October,, 2019..

    Looking forward to hear from you at the earliest.


  10. Sarbari Bhattacharjee

    Hello Mani
    I am crazy Traveller 2017 I visited Europe with Kesri but I was disappointed.
    This year I want to travel USA with a low budget.Can u suggest me a good operator?

  11. Saswati Bose

    Hi Mr. Karthik. Thank you, for this article. I will appreciate if you can give me an idea for the international tour operators for senior citizens. They will be traveling all by themselves and with a knee problem. They live in a small town Asansol, WB. So agencies from Kolkata will be helpful for them. Thank you, very much for your time!

  12. Mani Karthik

    I don’t have experience with them Sobhan. If you want me to check with folks in Mumbai I can.

  13. SOBHAN

    Hair Mani Karthik,I am SOBHAN from Kochi, Kerala.I am planning an abroad family tour with my friend on April this year to Singapore… Malaysia…. Langkawi.I am searching for a balanced package for 8 or 9 days.Can I know how is this tour operator DESIRE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD MUMBAI.If you know please give me your valuable suggestions.Thanks….

  14. Mani Karthik

    Do you have a recommendation Lalita?

  15. Lalita Kakanadan

    I would say, its a high time we should give a chance to emerging Tour Operators. Since they are new in this market, they need to make their name in the market and hence they would surely ensure that even the teeny weeny requests and demands of the clients are met.

    Happy Traveling!


  16. Mani Karthik

    Is that the only way you know to find out what is good and not? This is not a certification, but a suggested list.

  17. niel

    Did you travelled with all of them? How can your certify that they are best travel company? May be misguiding …

  18. Prathima

    Hi Mani,

    we are planning a trip to the Canadian Rockies, Alaska & Naiagara falls. Would you be able to suggest any good tour operators that cover these & we are vegetarians. Thanks



    It.s a Marathi establishment and anyone out side it will be like fish out of water.I had this experience and believe me I felt like an untouchable.Horrible . The language of conversation is also Marathi.

  20. Swami narayan

    Hai Mani
    we plan for a short trip to europe limited countries which is the best tour operator and we are frombangalore

  21. rtm

    I am totally unhappy with Thomas Cook, on trip to Andamans they put me in terrible hotel at port Blair , a room with just a bed ( called it 3 star), did not give time for lunch on one segment, being diabetic that became a serious concern

    Did not take us to many tourist attractions though was mentioned in their list, Claimed these were COMPLEMENTARY AND HENCE WE SHOULD COVER IT ON OUT OWN. This was mentioned in the offer letter. Did not give the iteneary till the last .

    In short package was grossly mis- sold. Did not expect that from a number one tour operater. Could not even connect to them on phone after the money was paid.

  22. Mani Karthik

    Where from are you planning to board George?

  23. George Thomas

    Hi Mani,
    Please can you advise a tour operator for a trip to Holy Land, Petra & Egypt with a Nile cruise to Aswan.
    Me & my wife want to travel sometime in October/ November 2018.
    Look forward to your response

  24. raja

    Dear Sir,
    I plan a tour to visit Agra,Delhi,Jaipur,Amirtsar during the month of February. Can a suggest a best tour operator. (5Adults+2Kids)

  25. How to Choose a Good Travel Insurance Plan

    […] Your Destination: When choosing a travel insurance plan for an international trip, it is very important that you do thorough research about the medical costs in that country. It […]

  26. Ravikumar

    Sir, I wanna know about Tour operates who are doing Networking style bookings. Like chain system. I am residing in Bangalore. I am decided to come in tourism field please assist. Thanks.

  27. Mishika@DiscoveryHolidays

    I want to suggest you one of best travel agencies in India offers the large and ultimate cheap cruise packages from India. Visit Discovery Holidays.

  28. V K Joshi

    I need a tour package for 40 students (A) in Kerala and kanyakumari in mid February within a decent budget. can you suggest me a good tour operator?


  29. Nishant

    Is March 1st Week good time to Visit Hong Kong and Macau. Which is the best Tour operator for Hong Kong and Macau in Bangalore

  30. s paul

    what about orbit corporate and leisure travels

  31. Mani Karthik

    When are you planning your travel Srinivas?

  32. Mani Karthik

    Cox and Kings would be a good fit for you. Actually, I would contact all of them with the same requirement, get their quote so I can compare between each.

  33. s paul

    i want to visit west coast usa with my family on a cheap budget. which travels should i contact

  34. Srinivas K

    I am planning to tour Singapore with family(2 adults and 2 kids below 9). Please suggest me a tour operator from Hyderabad and I need a plan which includes all important attractions of Singapore I don,t want to miss any of the important places.


  35. n chandrahas aili

    keep-it up,all d best

  36. Rema Viswamani

    I would like yo know the best Swiss tent to stay in Jaisalmer

  37. Mani Karthik

    Cool Thanks Kiran. Which one did you go with, finally?

  38. Kiran

    Nice work dude, your content was so helpful identifying good tour operators.

  39. Vedski

    Good work Mr.karthik – keep it up.
    Any input on Cruises like on Harmony of the Seas etc.

  40. Mani Karthik

    Thanks for letting know Aradhya, will check it out. Always looking for new things.

  41. Aradhya

    Hi Mani,
    I had Mauritius tour experience with travel triangle Which I want to share with you. I got travel triangle reference through one of my good friends. I booked my Mauritius tour with travel triangle and was extremely happy with the service provided by them. The entire trip was amazing from starting till the end. The team was prompt to all inclusion while in planning stage understanding the personal tastes and interests of me as a traveler.
    Travel triangle is not in your list but I am very impressed with the service of travel triangle that why I am recommending this site to you. Add this site to your list so that more traveler will enjoy their service.

  42. Mani Karthik

    Thanks Aniket.

  43. Aniket Anand

    These site are great in terms of providing best service for their customers and you have just written amazing article here. I appreciate your hard work.

  44. asd

    I got mine in 3 days

  45. NIJIL PK

    Do you Know anything about United Tourism Private Limited??? How they are providing services?

  46. Prabhu Ebenezar

    We are one of the best tour operators in South India.

  47. Avi

    What about kesari travels?

  48. Mani Karthik


    Couple of things combined. Quality of customer service, Customer reviews, Reliability, Services to name a few.

  49. aneesh

    Dear Mr. Mani
    Can i know the criteria for rating above companies in good books.
    what were the parameters and scales ?


  50. venkatesh

    What necessary precaution to be taken while dubai trip

  51. venkatesh

    How many days will take to get Passport

  52. Mani Karthik

    What help do you need?

  53. Mani Karthik

    It’s best to contact the visa agencies of the corresponding countries yourself. But if you need assistance call any of the tour operators mentioned above.

  54. irf

    kindly i need some of your guidance..

  55. sudhir

    want to visit paris and switzerland,
    so would u recommend to go for tour operator or should i go with my family of 3 individually.
    i have my flight tickets with me.
    hotel also booked.
    i need to get visa for my spouse and child.
    so plz respond

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