Best iPhone App Developers in India

iPhone app developers are much in demand these days. Ever since mobile adoption has sky rocketed, iPhone and Android app developers have gone hot!

Everyone needs an app. I’m sure you’ve got an app idea in your head, right now. So does everybody else. Every other startup guy I talk to, has an app idea he is waiting to develop. So, now that each of us have an app idea, where do we get them developed? This is where app development agencies come in. App developers have risen in popularity in the last five years and you’d see an app developer job profile posting in every other job listing.

Anyone can build an App

App development has gone so mainstream that anybody can be a developer today if he/she has basic coding skills. There are tons of books available online, couple of hours of reading will make you a decent developer if not a great one. This has created a big problem as well – quality.

Now that everyone is a developer, whom do you consider quality?

Well, this is a good problem to have. One, you have so many developers, with every idea, you obviously need them. And them finding quality is an experiment. Like figuring out good veggies from the basket. They all look the same, but not all taste the same.

How to find the best App developers?

India has become, like in the 90’s a hot destination for sourcing good app developers, for the simple reason that it is a good balance between quality and cost. When BPO was hot in 90’s, it eventually turned out to be a quality problem. But with apps, being more measure-able, developing apps in India is so much more a better deal that hiring developers elsewhere. (There are cheaper options too btw, but let’s stick to India.)

Whom to hire? App developer or agency?

This is a great question. When it comes to apps, whom should you look to hire, a big fat agency or a single freelance app developer? Here’s the clue. It depends on your vision.

Ask yourself. What do you want from your app? How do you want it done?

Let me get this straight. There is no yes and no answer to this. There are some amazing freelance app developers who will deliver you the quality you need, sometimes even better than agencies. And there are agencies that bill you fat cheques and deliver sub par quality apps. The fact is, be it a freelancer or an agency, you manage them. You brief them. So, if you just have a draft idea and not much specifics, chances are that you’re going to need help with “materializing” it.

What that means is, you need someone to scope out the process, create a product roadmap, do a competition research, do some cost budgeting, then do all of this all over again.

With freelancers, there is no band width in most cases, to perfect this. This step is the basis or foundation of your app development process. If not done right, you’re pretty much going random. Which is what happens with app development freelancers.

But with an agency, you get the full team to support you. The design team, the planning team, the QA team, Testing team etc. All of which will make your app a better baked product. And someone will find it out, at some point of time, no matter what. So, the question is, do you see this coming? Do you have a vision?

So, now that’s out of the way, let’s look at some popular iPhone App development agencies in India.

Best iPhone App Developers in India


Developer Name – Sourcebits
Type – Agency
Price Range – $150/hour
Website –
Services – Full circle from design, strategy, app development, marketing and life cycle management.
Clientele – Bank of America, Intel, Coca Cola, Adobe, Symantec, Samsung etc.
Location – Bangalore, Karnataka
Review – Great client list, mostly biggies, full circle agency who can do everything on apps. Probably not a good fit for small biz.


Developer Name – OpenXcell
Type – Agency
Price Range – $25/hour
Website –
Services – Full circle agency from web development, E-Commerce, design, strategy, app development, marketing and life cycle management.
Clientele – Pedigree, University of Florida, American Expresss etc.
Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Review – Great profile spanning over different products including games, iphone apps and Android games. A good fit for both small and big businesses.


Developer Name – QBurst
Type – Agency
Price Range – $50/hour
Website –
Services – Top agency that does web development, mobile apps and everything in between.
Location – Trivandrum, Kerala


Developer Name – Dot Com Infoway
Type – Agency
Price Range – $25/hour
Website –
Services – Web development, Web design, Internet Marketing, App development.
Clientele – Pedigree, University of Florida, American Expresss etc.
Location – Chennai, Tamil Nadu



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