Is Downloading Music from YouTube Videos Illegal?

YouTube is a great place to look for music, and it’s being used as a music streaming source by many people these days. The fact that you can get pretty much any music on YouTube is very convenient.

However, one problem with YouTube is that you can only listen to music. You cannot record or download the songs from YouTube.

There is a workaround though.

Downloading music from YouTube is illegal?

There are several ways to download music from YouTube. One way is to use this website called

Simply copy-paste the URL for the video you want to download and then paste it on this website and click download. You can select what format you want to download the video as.


You can either download it as an audio MP3 file or as a video itself to your personal computer.

How to record music from YouTube videos?

Another way to get music from YouTube is to record audio as the videos are playing on YouTube.

All you need is this software – Record Free.

Record Free records any sound, including the song playing from the YouTube video through your sound card in high-quality sound. You can record songs in mp3, wav or any other file format so that you can transfer them to your media sets.

Try the software here – Record FREE.

Note: We would like to leave a note that downloading music from YouTube and using it for commercial purposes is illegal. Please use this software for complete justification and legal clearance.

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