Jio Fiber Internet Review: Should you get it?

I’m pretty sure that many of us would’ve gotten the Jio Fiber Internet flyers at their doorsteps one of these days. I did get one and thought I’d check whether it is a good investment or not. Let’s find out.

I made a video about it on my YouTube channel, check it out.

Benefits of Jio Fiber Internet

  • Super high-speed internet (download speeds)
  • A whole lot of apps.
  • The flexibility of switching between apps.

Jio Fiber has the fastest available home-based internet today in India. That’s their biggest advantage. Apart from that, everything else is pretty much a “work in progress” as of now.

Tip: How to improve your internet!

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I mean, if you just want higher speeds, even their lowest plan for Rs.6,99 per month would be a great option.

But there are problems.

Problems with Jio Fiber Internet

  • Super slow upload speeds.
  • Initial deposit.
  • No Netflix, No Amazon Prime (Premium).
  • Heavy data consumption.
  • Heavily monitored network.

Upload speeds are only 1/10th of download speeds with Jio Fiber. So, for people who have uploads to do, like YouTubers or people trying to send large files, etc (which are very few I believe), they might have issues.

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The biggest problem is that there is an initial deposit and it can come up to Rs.4,500 for the first month (including refundable deposit + first-month charge). If you’re taking Jio for the first time, it is ok but for those on other Internet Service Providers, it can be an additional burden.

The app ecosystem on Jio is very basic. There is no Netflix. Amazon Prime is the mid-tier, not the Premium one. This means you can’t watch any web series with it.

There are plenty of other apps like SunNXT, ScoopWhoop, etc. I personally, don’t find it compelling enough though. Because, even if I did switch to Jio Fiber, I’d have to pay extra for these services. That’s a big bummer!

If you’re big on TV, then prepare to eat away through your data consumption because they’re all HD channels and you will very likely need an upgrade to the higher plan.


On the whole, I think Jio Fiber is an amazing solution if you’re looking for super high-speed internet in India. But it’s probably not worth switching over from your current Internet Service Provider, because of a huge initial deposit. The only big value you’re getting is better speeds. So if you’re heavy on streaming, then, by all means, switch to Jio. But you’ll most likely end up paying additional for all your streaming apps. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

I wish they were competitive enough and had an easier way of switching from your current ISP.

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