10 Best Leukemia Treatment Hospitals in India

In India you have some of the best cancer hospitals offering treatments for leukemia .There is no scientific way to prevent the disease but it’s possible to treat it, once it has been detected in the early stage. The major symptom of leukaemia is the abnormal loss or increase of blood cells which causes symptoms like fever, swollen lymp nodes or fatigue. As part of the treatment procedure the patients are required to undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy which can be pretty costly.

Currently huge research is being undertaken to find alternate procedures tocure blood cancer without having to undertake transplant. The hospitals are well equipped and employ some of world renowned doctors as well as surgeons .People living abroad do also come for treatment procedures as the costs involved is lower and the success rate is also  pretty good.

Tata Memorial Hospital

Tata Memorial Hospital is a well reputed hospital and it is stationed at Mumbai. They offer some of the advanced treatment procedures for radiology as well as chemotherapy. Apart from the treatment they also have a research center which works together with the Advanced Center for Treatment, Research and Education. In 1983 a team medical Oncologists at Tata Memorial Hospital were the first to perform Bone marrow transplant for a leukemia patient. They have also set up a Preventive Oncology Department which looks into screening and early detection of cancer at initial stages.

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P.D Hinduja Hospital

P.D Hinduja Hospital has been established in beginning of 1950’s and has offered some of the best services in health care. You have a separate oncology department with team of highly qualified oncologists as well as nursing staff who work round the clock. They have most advanced equipment’s and operation theatres which can match any international standards. Bone marrow transplant procedures are done with some of the most scientific techniques.

Cancer treatment procedure can also mentally tiring for patient as well the family members too. So keeping this in mind they have also set up the rehabilitation services which include stoma rehabilitation, speech rehabilitation, occupational therapy and special psychosocial support with help of counsellors.

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RCC Trivandrum, Kerala

The Regional Cancer Center in Kerala is well known for its treatment procedures in curing cancer. It was established in 1981 by the government of Kerala. It has some best facilities with experienced doctors as well as nursing staff. They are pioneers in this field and are considered to be best in terms of cancer diagnosis, treatment, palliation and rehabilitation. They also run a cancer research wing which is internationally acclaimed and offer inputs into the treatments that are undergone here.

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Apollo Cancer Center

The Oncology department of Apollo hospital has some of the best expertise in the surgical and medical work. They have branches all over India including Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. Cyber Knife, Positron Emission Tomography and Novalis radio surgery are some of the latest procedures which have been opted by this hospital for cancer treatment. They’re staff not only comprises of doctors but also counselors, nurses, speech therapist, dieticians and many more support staff. Bone marrow transplant surgeries are performed here and they have a high success rate too. The Chennai branch is one of the few centers in India that offer donor options and they provide transplantations facilities to its patients.

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Kidwai Institute of Oncology

The Kidwai Institute is one of the state sponsored cancer institute and is considered to be one of the best hospitals in India. This is one of the 11 Regional Cancer Centers in India and they offer some of best diagnostic as well treatment services .Considering the huge expenses involved in treatment they offer free treatment procedures for its patients.

The Kidwai Cancer Drug Foundation provides numerous drugs at a discounted rate as compared to its competitors. Numerous schemes like the Karnataka Chief Minister’s Medical Relief fund, Poor Patients Welfare Fund, children Welfare Fund, Kidwai Cancer Drug Foundation, etc are also run for the under privileged.

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Amala Cancer Center

Amala Cancer Center is situated in Trissur and has some of the best facilities for its cancer patients. The infrastructural facilities is its highlight and comprises of dedicated physicians, nurses and other associated medical staff working together. In addition to this the hospital also offers facilities like kitchen, bed room, visitors’ room, prayer room, cleaned toiletries etc. This hospital handles around 4000 cancer patients and looks into around 6000 patients in a day. They use some of the most sophisticated techniques in diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of the disease.

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Adhyar Cancer Instittute

Adhyar Cancer Institute is a non-profit organization and has been looking into treating cancer patients for past 60 years. Also known as The Cancer Institute (WIA) it was established in 1954. It is located in Chennai and offers some of methods for diagnosing as well recovery for the patients. In terms of infrastructure they have around 535 beds, research laboratory and an oncology college too. The latest equipment’s are used and have high success rate with surgery as well transplantations.

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Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre

Located in Delhi this hospital offers some best amenities in terms of treating the cancer patients .They have some of the most advanced diagnostic as well surgical tools for treating leukemia. It has a dedicated and experienced oncology team that look into patients. Apart from this they also have a research wing that is constantly making analysis as well progress made in this field. It is credited by the NABH and NABL. Some of its major accomplishments include the Greentech Environmental Excellence Award and the Golden Peacock Award for Environment Excellence.

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Christian Medical College, Vellore

The Christian Medical College has a specialized oncology team which looks into the treatment of cancer patients. They focus on not only chemotherapy but also other biological therapies too. The treatment procedures are systematic in which the oncologists have review meetings about patients with the concerned surgeons as well radiation oncologists. They also have a support staff that look into patient as well as the family wellbeing. They also have a research wing that constantly look into the improvement in the healthcare.

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Harshamitra Super Specality Cancer Centre, Trichy

Harshamitra Super Speciality Cancer Centre & Research Institute have focused its major concern on treating cancer patients with some of the most sophisticated techniques. They have a multidisciplinary team of doctors who work together to discuss and find the best technique for treating this disease. This team includes the Surgical, Radiation and Medical Oncology that unanimously form a treatment plan. The hospital also offers endoscopy rooms, operation theatre, yoga and meditation room, medial store, laboratory and many more.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a Medical practitioner or a Doctor and cannot give any recommendation for medical advice or hospital recommendation. The above list is made based on information I have collected from various sources and could not be accurate. Please consult a Doctor immediately if you’re suffering from pain or other illness. – Mani Karthik

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