Love Needed by Zaara Khan – Book Review

Zaara Khan hails from the city of carpets, Bhadohi, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. To write an intro for her is probably the toughest part in this book review. On the top of what looks like a cocktail of interests, Zaara is a nutritionist and a dietitian. But that’s just the beginning. Lately, she authored a beautiful book, a novel, which is a romantic fiction based in the backdrop of a family. And it is no ordinary love story. It’s a story every one of you will relate to, subtle and simple yet steamy and intense. It’s available on Amazon. Go get it!


Meanwhile, I managed to interview Zaara. Here are a few excerpts.

  1. You are a person of multiple interests, but what inspired you to write?
    It’s always been in me. Although I have a liking for many interests, writing is something that always excited me and wanted to do. I had been preparing for this for almost 2-3 years now. And here I am!
  2. How do you define love?
    Love is something that get transcended through people. A kid understands and perceives his/her mother’s love which stays in him and he passes on to other when he grows up. But a couple’s love is different. Despite the differences, love is universal and something everyone should cherish, enjoy and pass on to others. It’s what makes the world beautiful.
  3. In this book, there are different types of love, what did you want to portray?
    Exactly, what I mentioned above. It’s about family, love and relationships. The characters have love of different kind. But there’s a thread woven through them that is universal. One learns, understands and becomes love at one point. I wish the readers understand it.
  4. Is the character “Naaz” your alter ego?
    No. Although I like the character, and it has similarities to me, it is not my alter ego or someone I’d want to be. But it’s an interesting character in the book.
  5. According to you, what three qualities would you want to see in people around you?
    Strong, Independent and Productive. People should be strong both mentally and otherwise. It is what makes them what they are. At the same time, I feel they should be independent. Know what you are made of, what you want, and what makes you happy, go achieve it with your own guts. And thirdly, I wish if people were more productive and inspiring. Do creative things and offer something useful to the world! It’s contagious and I prefer to be like that.
    You’ll find these traits in the characters in the book.
  6. Do you think youth your age should write books?
    (Laughs) Yes. If people are inspired by this book, I hope they pursue writing. If I  can inspire others in any way, that would make me happy. So, yeah, sure!

“Love Needed” is an amazing book that will take you back to you in time, take you on a fun journey of relationships and perhaps teach a lesson or two at the end, and you’ll love it. Go buy it!

Buy It Here

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