How To Make Money With YouTube?

How To Make Money YouTube

If you are creative and have interesting videos to upload you can earn revenue from it. You can upload this on YouTube and if your content is good you’re sure to get many viewers. In order to make money out of your videos you ought to get them monetized and install Google AdSense at the at the AdSense website.

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Google AdSense is maintained by Google and it allows publishers to advertise text messages or videos or media advertisement. It’s good source for income generation and as per statistics Google has earned US $3.4 billion so far.

How to get started with Google AdSense

The first step would be to start a YouTube account by creating username and password. The process is simple and it’s very similar to any Google account.

Once you have created the account you can upload the videos. The best marketing strategy would be to use good eye catching phrases or content.

It’s always better to upload videos of good clarity and with good lighting too. You can keep uploading videos and people would soon interested in watching your content.

Twitter and Facebook are good platforms to share your videos. Once people start viewing your videos you will surely get comments and feedbacks.

By responding to their queries and comments you get a good fan base and you can create your own community.

How to earn money from YouTube videos?

For earning income you need to monetize your videos with AdSense and hereby you allow YouTube to put advertisement into your content.

For enabling this you need to select Video Manager and click on “$” sign near the video that is to be monetized.

Now if you want to start this process as the video is being uploaded choose Monetization tab and then select Monetize with Ads.

Next step would be to go to AdSense website and create an account here (mentioned above). For owning such an account you must be 18 years and above.

You also need a bank account or PayPal account and a valid address where AdSense can check your details.

You can see how your videos perform and make an analysis using the Analytics option in your Channel menu.

The higher the views of the video higher will be your earning. The more people view/click ads on your videos, the higher your chances of earning will be.

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Try it out today.

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