10 Best Medical Tourism Companies in India

Looking for medical tourism? India is the best option. In the last 10 years, medical tourism has gained in importance and India is a preferred choice for obvious reasons. It can be largely attributed to to the large availability of healthcare practitioners in India. Besides this, the cost for medical treatment is much lower and the hospitals are also equipped with world class facilities in India.

Hospitals in India cater to around 2,50,000 medical tourism patients annually and the prime destinations for medical travel include Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi. Indian goverment also greatly encourages medical tourism as it generates income for the country. If you are looking to go on medical tourism to India, here are ten good hospitals to keep an eye for.

Top Medical Tourism Companies in India

Let’s start from the south.

1. Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Chennai is definitely the health capital of India as it’s the most sought out destination for medical treatments. The lost cost of treatment, world class amenities and good feedback about the treatments have been the binding factors for the boom in medical tourism in Chennai. The Apollo hospital is the most popular one here and it has numerous patients flying from all across the world for treatments. They have one of the best state of art facilities and they stand out to be the center of excellence. They are into heart care, orthopedics, cancer care, gastronomy, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery. For foreigners they offer all treatment facilities like tickets, hospital reservations, appropriate doctor selection, and city tour post-surgery.

Official website

2. Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospital is a prominent name in the health care industry and is run by Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG).They have a network of 15 hospitals spread across India and offer preventive as well curative measures for patients all across the world. They are among the first hospitals to be awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification for Clinical, Nursing, Diagnostics and Allied Areas. They have been in this field for over four decades and they have made great progress in providing best medical services with most advanced technology.

Manipal hospital official website

3. Christian Medical College, Vellore

Located in Tamil Nadu the Christian Medical College provides excellent medical services and is both an educational as well research institute. They have some of the best experienced doctors and is also equipped with the best amenities. They have high success rate with regard to heart transplants, kidney transplant and bone marrow transplant.

CMC Official website

4. Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital Bangalore is one of the super specialty hospital which has branches all over India. They specialize in cardiac care – adult and pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery, complex brain & spine surgeries, orthopedics and joint replacement surgery and minimal access surgery. They are known for providing the best patient care and offer numerous ailments which are internationally recognized. They also have super specialty hubs which concentrate on particular specialty. These hubs are interconnected and make sure that patients can get access to expert advice from each specialty.

Fortis hospital official website

5. Lilavati Hospital

The Lilavati Hospital is located in the heart of Mumbai and is known of its excellence in the field of medicine. They are acknowledged globally and offer best medical facilities in research, expertise and many more. Some of their services include general surgery , neurophthalmology, interventional cardiology, gynecology and obstetrics, rehabilitative services, maternity and many more. They have around 314 beds, ICU, and 12 operation theatre with a staff of about 1800. They attend to over 300 in patients and over 1500 out patients daily. In terms of proximity they are easy to reach and are located near to both domestic as well as international airports.

Lilavati official website

6. P.D Hinduja Hospital and Research Center

The P.D Hinduja Hospital and Research Center is a multispecialty hospital that is situated in Mumbai. It is one of the hospitals in Mumbai which has the best facilities in terms of treatments and medical facilities. Their department of laboratory medicine has been accredited with the standard ISO 15189: 2007.The hospital has treated over 3 million out patients and have also undertaken millions of surgeries, scopies, radiological as well as laboratory investigation performed. They are the first hospital in India to start the pain management in India. They were also the pioneers to start the cadaver kidney transplant & peripheral blood stem cell transplant and even the laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.

Official website here

7. Mallya Hospital

The Mallya hospital has a good infrastructure for patient care and offers state of art technology for treatment purposes. Apart from the various departments that run in the hospital they also have separate clinics like the Lupus clinic, Tobacco cessation clinic, breast cancer, diabetic foot clinic and many more.  They offer specialized treatments for the patients and cater to expert advice for the hospital. It’s located in Bangalore and has been certified the ISO-9002 which has now been upgraded to ISO 9001:2000.  This hospital has been awarded the best multi-specialty hospital India Metro in 2011 and 2013.

Mallya hospital official website

8. All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS)

AIMS is the most reputed hospital in India and is aimed at providing quality healthcare at affordable prices. Considering the treatment costs AIMS has always provided treatments for the underprivileged as well as patients coming from foreign countries. Covering an area of 1500 they have numerous departments like Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic sciences, Cardiothoracic Centre, Neurosciences Centre, Institute Rotary Centre Hospital and De-addiction Centre. They have performed over 100000 surgeries and cater to over 1.5 outpatients as well as 80000 inpatients on a daily basis.

AIMS official website

9. Sterling Hospital

Sterling Hospital is one of the largest hospital in Gujarat and has greatly contributed to providing world class health care. They have multispecialty hospitals located in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Mundra, Bhavnagar, Gandhidham. In health care their specialties include Cardiology and CVTS Surgeries, Neurology and Neuro-Surgeries, Nephrology and Urology, Liver and Renal Transplant (Live and Cadaveric), GI Medicine and Surgeries, Haematology, Bone Marrow Transplant, Oncology. The Ahmedabad branch has been accredited the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) for their excellent contribution in the field of health care.Their pathology department is positioned in the second place and is ranked on the 11th place by the EQAS, BIO-Rad (USA) in Immunoassay Quality Assurance.

Sterling hospital official website

10. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

The Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is named after wife of Dhirubhai Ambani who is the founder of Reliance. The hospital has fully looked into providing quality health care and has some of best amenities in India. Located in Mumbai this hospital has taken the effort to get the best medical experts to ensure the wellbeing of its patients.They have a team of Full Time Specialists to make sure that there is dedicated staff in the hospital at all times.The nurses and the technical professionals are also fully dedicated and they have treatment procedures that are followed worldwide.

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What has been your experience with the hospitals mentioned above? Please comment.

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