Microsoft Surface Studio in India – Should you buy it?

Microsoft just announced its all new flagship product earlier today – the Microsoft Surface Studio and it’s looking gorgeous! Here’s all the information you need to know about it.

Generally, I keep away from buying expensive gadgets right in the first month (unless of course, it’s an Apple product). And Microsoft products have never excited me like the Apple iPhone, but the Surface Pro tablets are an exception. I think as a company, Microsoft has matured itself and managed to bring in actual innovation, to some what the level of excitement Apple has managed to garner. Of course, it has not overthrown Apple, but from recent events, it does look like Apple has been growing less and less exciting and Microsoft, only more.

My initial reaction watching the Surface Studio was wow! It truly has all the characteristics of a revolutionary product. A slim screen, thinnest ever that too. The dial thing, and all in all, just a powerful, versatile All-in-One PC. But is it worth it? Let’s see.

Should you buy the Microsoft Surface Studio?

Let me ask you this question. Are you a professional designer? Are you a professional video editor? No? Then may be you shouldn’t. For that kind of money, you don’t need all the power and versatility of the Surface Studio, which at the moment, looks like targeted to hardcore graphics and video professionals. I mean, who else would spend $3,000 on a PC?

For the rest of us, who just needs a good, powerful, versatile laptop or PC for studying, computing etc… there is the Surface Pro Book. 🙂

Surface Book or Surface Studio?

I’m sold on the Surface Book. Quite honestly, I was expecting the Pro 5, but the book is quite awesome! For some who’s typing and drawing all the time, looking at spreadsheets and pinching charts, the Surface Book is just the kind of device you need. Not clunky, but versatile. I wouldn’t mind spending $1,349 on it.

Amazon should be selling it shortly in India, watch out for this space.

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