10 Mobile Phoness You Should Avoid Buying in India

A good smartphone is always a big investment, costing thousands up front or spread out over time, if financed. The smartphone market has seen a high growth rate in recent years, given the device’s growing popularity amongst Indians. Moreover, mobile phone companies are constantly experimenting and innovating with their models and operating services, offering better technology and greater convenience.

People, convinced of the companies’ efforts to bring better products, are opting for the latest models with the newest versions of operating system. However, many a times, these smartphones fail to satisfy us in terms of features and technology.

Here is a quick list of ten smartphones that definitely should be avoided.

Mobile Phones You Should Avoid Buying in India

  1. LG K7:
    Taking the classic example of LG K7 into consideration, it becomes obvious that people avoid buying cheap phones by some of the biggest brands in the market, including one of the oldest companies for smartphones, LG. In terms of features, the phone is quite a disappointment. The display is poor and the camera is not that great either.
  2. LG G5:
    Now it is time for a costly phone by LG, which turned out to be the biggest flop of 2016 because of its high price. The company took a risk by changing the design of the phone to allow modular accessories. It seems LG hasn’t spent money to make its signature feature more appealing.
  3. Huawei Honor 5X:
    Available at a potentially price of Rs. 12,999, this phone delivers much less features than it promises.
  4. CoolPad Max:
    CoolPad’s Max is a good looking phone with a neat camera and a decent display. However, you might feel let down after spending Rs. 25,000 for a processor that’s available in phones that cost Rs. 10,000 or less. Although CoolPad Max has all the ingredients that make for a great smartphone, you might not feel it while using the device.
  5. iPhone 6:
    iPhone has always been the aspirational smartphone that everyone wants to own. However, when choosing an iPhone, avoid the iPhone 6. There is nothing wrong with its features, it is just that you can opt for the latest iPhone SE. which costs Rs. 37,999, rather than the iPhone 6 that still costs more than Rs. 35,000 despite being two years old.
  6. Micromax Canvas 6 Pro:
    User reviews of the Canvas 6 Pro reveal that it is a pretty inconsistent phone, with a cheap build and a very reflective screen. They find nothing special in the camera or the software (the Android in Micromax is riddled with “bloatwear” and duplicate apps and an incomplete service layer).
  7. Lenovo Phab 2:
    This 6.4-inch screen with a high-capacity 4,000mAh battery is hard to avoid, but the phone’s really huge and heavy, and might not be comfortable for small hands. Moreover, it runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, which takes time to process fully, in comparison to others.
  8. ZTE’s Grand X:
    It was the low-resolution, unresponsive display and outdated software that made this smartphone undesirable.
  9. LG G3 Beat:
    When compared to the original G3, LG G3 Beat sacrifices too much considering its high price tag.
  10. Huawei Ascend Y550:
    This phone is completely misses the mark in nearly every key area.
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