10 Best Mobile Phones for Students in India

Ok, first things first. College students live on Maggi noodles, so their priorities are different. Graduating to college, our social life and other stuff also increases. We get our first smartphones. Well some of them get it before joining college. What do we do with them? Yes, we use it for Instagramming, chatting, playing games, watching movies, and lot of other stuff.

However, budgets are quite limited for students. So here’s the list of top 10 phones that is ideal for college students and fits in their budget.

Best phones for college students

Let’s start from Google because we all love Sundar Pichai!

Nexus 5 for the good boy!

Hands down this is one of the best phones on the market. Having a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, with a 2Gb RAM, this phone is well prepared for multitasking. Having a good yet poor 8mp camera, this phone takes decent pics. But in case you want to have a pure Android experience then this is the phone you must buy.

But if you have the bucks… then it would be the Pixel!

Google Pixel 3a baby!

Pixel is the arch nemesis of those Apple fanboys! So if you get one, prepare for a face-off and possibly a war with your college mates. But, it’s one of the slickest phones out there. Make sure you have scooped up some 35K Rupees though.

10 Best Mobile Phones for Students in India

No wonder MKBHD was all in awe of this beauty.

If you’re a One Plus fan..

If you’re a One Plus fan, then a good choice. OnePlus gives you the premium feel you need and the performance. Samsung Galaxy series is so 2010 isn’t it?

Well, the One Plus 7T is your best if you can carve out the bucks – About 35K INR that is. But, it’s the best you can get at that price. 😉

10 Best Mobile Phones for Students in India

35K not possible? Dad is gonna be mad?

Okay, let’s go pocket friendly now.

For the Gamer dude!

So, you’re the one who’s always sitting there face dunked down and driving cars on your mobile huh?

Well, the best mobile phone for gamer students is…. *drum roll*….

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Yeah baby!

10 Best Mobile Phones for Students in India

The Galaxy is such an awesome power horse that it can run all your fancy games like it’s nothing. Strategy game? You got it.

Pub G – Bring it on!

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus comes with a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, giving it tons of processing power. The Note 10 Plus also boasts 12GB of RAM that makes it ideal.

Also the AMOLED display man… it’s gorgeous!!

But hey..it’s not cheap alright! Get ready to get into an argument with dad.

It’s priced at 80K Indian Rupees. Ugh!

Best phone for selfies!

But first, let me take a selfie.

Don’t hide it. We’re all guilty. lol.

The best selfie phones you can find today in India are from Realme.

Realme X50 Pro 5G and Realme 6 Pro

Best selfie camera for students

Both these phones are the best for students, who’re obsessed with selfies. Yes, we know who you are. Don’t hide, don’t hide.

The Realme 6 Pro is comparatively economical at around 18K INR and the X50 Pro 5G is on the higher side at 40K INR.

Realme X50 has a 32MP front camera! Goddamn it!!

Xiaomi MI4

Mobile Phones for Students India

For about 15K, this is a cheap yet powerful device affordable by many. Having a brilliant camera able to take crisp photos, this is a good option for people who love to take pics. Main reason why this phone is cheap is because the company actually doesn’t advertise.  

Moto G3 “Hello Moto”

Want a phone which multitasks well, has a good camera, a good display, and durability?

All for under just Rs 13000. The best part is that this company made sure that they pimp up this phone and made sure it had better features than it’s predecessor. A 2GB Ram ensures that the phone won’t lag from time to time.

HTC Desire 826

A brilliant phone built by HTC for the students because of the high end specs with an affordable tag.

This phone has a huge 5.5 inch screen with a crisp display. Having a 13 mp back and front camera, this phone is a favorite with selfie freaks. Also having a 1.7Ghz qualcomm snapdragon 615 quad core processor, this phone can multitask with ease.

LG Magna

Not a high end phone, but an ideal phone for the college students. Having a 5 inch display with an 8Mp back and 5mp front camera, a quad core processor with a 1gb ram helps the user have a lag free experience.  

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Windows phone gives one of the best user experience, but because of android and ios, this os is quite underrated. Having a Mammoth screen with a brilliant display , a 3000 maH battery makes sure the phone lasts long. Also having a 13 mp camera, this phone is brilliant yet quite underrated phone.

Asus Zenfone 2

The budget friendly yet epic phone gives you the best features in an affordable price. Boasting a 5.5 inch full HD screen, a 2.3Ghz snapdragon quad core processor with 4GB of ram, this phone is a monster in multitasking. A 13 mp back camera and a 5mp front camera makes sure the user is able to take decent photos

Sony Xperia C5

The selfie phone of the year. Sony made sure that this  phone gets a futuristic look. A 13 mp front and back camera makes sure your photos look majestic. Having a 1.7Ghz octa core processor with a disappointing 2gb ram and also a big price tag, this phone is a risky buy.

Micromax Canvas 5

The Indian phone that gives you the best at a reasonable price. Having a brilliant 5.2 inch display with a good ppi density of 423. Even though the camera of micromax is not much appreciated, gives decent pics. But yet it’s powerful cause of the 1.3Ghz octacore with a 3gb ram which gives the user a hassle free experience.

I’ll be honest. It’s tough to recommend any one phone for students. Kids these days are all about choices that there never exist enough to choose from.

Someone wants a fancy phone to take selfies, someone needs a hardcore gaming phone. Phew!

Here is a list of some of my best recommendations. check it out!

Which is your favorite mobile phone for students?

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