Moving to Canada from USA – Process & Options

Canada and USA have a long, shared history. Since both countries share a common language, it becomes easier for Americans to move to Canada. From 2006 to 2015, approximately 86,436 permanent residents from USA moved to Canada, says an article in The Canadian Magazine of Immigration.

Thousands of Americans decide to move to Canada each year due to reasons such as higher education, business opportunities, employment and more. The resident of other countries may find it difficult to obtain residency there, but it is fairly easy for Americans to do so. And, it’s especially easy if you go there for work, study or have family sponsorship.

Working in Canada

Canada believes in a free market economy and lets workers obtain permanent residency through various programs, such as express entry, start-up visa and others. To obtain Express Entry, you will need to provide the immigration officers proof of your skills, education and work experience.

On the other hand, under the Start-up Visa Immigration program, your business plan should be well supported, meet the ownership requirements and you need to provide proof of being able to sustain your stay in the country. The Canadian government evaluates whether you are creative, can provide jobs for Canadians and can sustain your business in the global market.

Studying in Canada

Americans who want to study in Canada need to apply for a study permit. However, before applying for this permit, you need to obtain an acceptance letter from the university where you will be studying and have a valid passport. Other eligibility criteria include proof of self-sufficiency to support your stay and study, no criminal record, proof that you are medically fit and that you will leave Canada once your studies have completed, says an article on USA TODAY. You also need to submit a letter of explanation, stating why you wish to study in Canada. You can choose to apply for your study permit online or on paper.

Through Family Sponsorship

The Government of Canada believes that a nation can prosper if it has happy families, which is why family values are greatly emphasized. If you have friends and family who are permanent residents of Canada, they can sponsor your stay or study as a permanent resident of Canada. These family members can be a spouse, children or common-law partners. However, your partner must be an adult of 18 years or above and you must have a valid relationship status.

Even if your spouse doesn’t have a job offer, they can apply for an Open Work Permit, which allows an individual to work for an employer in Canada, without having a confirmed employment offer letter first. Moreover, children who are born in Canada can enjoy the benefits of citizenship of both countries.

I would advise that before applying for permanent residency in Canada, you research the government policies and immigration rules of the country to make an informed decision. You can learn more about the eligibility criteria for applying for specific permits on Canada’s official immigration website. If you need help, consult an experienced agency that can help you fill the forms for your visa and permanent residency in Canada.

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