20 Best Music Making Software


Previously if we had to create music, we needed the corresponding instrument, play and record it – tedious job. Nowadays, music produced by the instrument can be simulated very easily on your home computer and we can create music effortlessly and easily with just the punch of a few buttons.

1. Audacity

Supported OS : Windows®, Mac®, GNU/Linux®
Audacity is not only used for editing audios but also used for creating music and it is a open source software under GNU General Public License (GPL). The main features are Recording live audio as well as windows playback,changing the pitch of the recorded music,creating built-in effects like phaser,reverb etc.

2. Ardour

Supported OS : Mac, Linux,Solaris,

Ardour is an open source software used for recording,editing and mixing music. The features include Unlimited Multichannel Tracks,importing in many file formats like WAV,BWF,CAF ,solo or listen model,routing,mixing,stereo panning,exporting to many formats etc.

3. CSound

Supported OS : Windows, Mac, GNU,Linux
CSound is one of the oldest software developed in the 70’s for creating music.Even though it uses a text commands and not UI for creating music, it is most powerful in doing synthesis and processing of the sound.

4. Qtractor

Supported OS : Linux

Qtractor is an open source software and the features include Multi-track audio,MIDI sequencing and recording,non-linear editing,Built-in controls for mixing and monitoring,supports various file formats,JACK session support,plug –in support etc.

5. MuLab

Supported OS : Windows,Mac

MuLab is almost a virtual music production software which is free and has features like Audio / MIDI Recording & Playback, Audio / MIDI VST Plugins,Sequence editing,Flexible composition,high quality sampler and synthesizer etc.

6. Acid Express

Supported OS : Windows

Acid Express is a freeware for recording,editing and mixing music and the features include Inline MIDI editing,Multiple events per track,encoding Mp3 files,matching the tempo and pitch of the music etc.

7. DarkWave Studio

Supported OS : Windows

DarkWave Studio is an open source audio workstation for windows and the features includes VST plug-in support,MIDI input and output,Stereo splitting and joining,Mixing,Synthesizer,Sequence editor,Pattern editor etc.

8. FL Studio

Supported OS : Windows,Mac

FL Studio is a virtual studio for creating music and is developed by the company Image Line Inc. Its features include Audio editing & manipulation,mixing,Multi track recording,Plug-in support,Sequencing,Synthesizer,Support for MIDI input and output etc.

9. Rosegarden

Supported OS : Linux

Rosegarden is a free music composition and editing software for Linux based systems.The features include recording,mixing,sampling,synthesizer,adding effects to the music,Support for MIDI input and output etc.

10. Magix Music Maker

Supported OS : Windows,Mac

Magic Music Maker is best suited for upcoming artists or people who are new to music and is used to create your own music. The features include recording,mixing,sequencer,sampler,synthesizer,MIDI support,importing many file formats,adding effects etc.

11. Quartet X2 Music Studio

Supported OS : Windows

Quartet X2 Music studio is one of the latest software for creating music and the features include 12 channel instrumental composition tool,recorder,mixer,MIDI support,themes,background music etc.

12. Storm Music Studio

Supported OS : Windows

Storm music studio is a full fledged music creation software which includes synthesizers, drum machines, sample players, effects, mixers, sequencer etc.

13. Virtual DJ

Supported OS : Windows,Mac

Virtual DJ is used for recording,mixing and editing music. It supports a wide range of file formats.The software is available in various versions like Home,LE,Pro Basic,Pro Full etc.

14. Soundplant

Supported OS : Windows,Mac

Soundplant is a simple software for creating music using the virtual keyboard available in it and it supports various file formats like WAV,MP3,AAC,FLAC etc.

15. Sequel

Supported OS : Windows

Sequel is an efficient and multitasking software which is used to create your own music and has features like recording,mixing,applying sound effects,adjusting musical balance etc.

16. Songtrix Silver

Supported OS : Windows

Songtrix Silver is designed especially for composing music and is a good tool for the beginners.It has features like recording,mixer,MIDI sequencer etc.

17. Acid Pro

Supported OS : Windows

Acid Pro is developed by Sony Creative Software Inc, an US based company and has features like multitrack recording,loop based music creation,MIDI support,mixing,Synthesizer,plug-in support,adding effects,routing etc.

18. MidiQuartet

Supported OS : Windows

MidiQuartet is a virtual recording studio and has features like 12-channel audio composer, synthesizer,recorder,MIDI Support,adding background chords,support for various file formats like WAV,MP3 etc.

19. Wired

Supported OS : Linux

Wired is Linux based software for creating music in a professional manner and it is under the GNU General Public License.It has features like recording,mixing,synthesizer,MIDI support etc.

20. Able MIDI Editor

Supported OS : Windows

Able MIDI editor is a simple software for creating your own music and saving it in MIDI format.

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