Top 10 NGOs in South India

NGOs are non-government organizations formed by some good souls of the society for the benefit of the nation. Only due to these NGOs, child labor has reduced to an extent and the homeless people are safe in India.

There are different types of NGOs are formed for different purposes. I have listed below some of the top NGOs in South India:


1. The Banyan

The Banyan is one of the most popular NGOs in Chennai. It is formed for the rehabilitation of mentally challenged and neglected women. It was started by Mrs. Vandana Gopikumar and Ms. Vaishnavi Jay Kumar in 1993. It provides medicinal remedies, physical exercises; job oriented training programs, events for interacting with the public. They have a success rate of around 5000 cases so far now.

Official website.

2. Eureka Child

Eureka Child is an NGO that provides quality education to kids belonging to weaker sections of society. This NGO was set up by old pupils of IIT and BITS Pilani in 1996. They have introduced a new scheme called Eureka Superkidz. This scheme is available in all the rural areas in Tamil Nadu. Their aim is to provide free books, play kits, writing materials, food, etc. to the children in rural areas. Also, they conduct puzzles, quizzes, activity games, etc. to make them think and actively participate in studies. They provide training in Tamil language, English, maths, and science for the children. They offer free cab facilities packed with all types of dolls, activity games, balloons, animal models, etc. for nursery students.

Official website

3. Sri Sakthi Trust

Sri Sakthi Trust was started in 2001 by S.P.Jothi, a social activist. It is located in Dindigul in Tamil Nadu. Its motto is to create consciousness among the rural public about physical cleanliness, the importance of education, the need for employment, saving needs of money, etc. They achieve these by organizing skit and plays concerning society. It provides self-employment opportunities and classes for mothers, eco-friendly alertness, etc.

Official website.

4. The Hand in Hand

The NGO known as Hand in Hand is located at Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu. Their main motive is to abolish child labor and provide refuge and education to neglected women in society. They have tie-ups with many corporate, government institutions, banks, and foreign companies, etc. to promote its services and empower the women Hand. The charity associates of Hand in Hand include Flextronics, the Swedish medical aid, and

Official website.

5. Kaakkum Karangal

Kaakkum Karangal is an NGO located in Chennai that began operations in 1992. Their main aim is to provide refuge for old persons and street children. They provide medical aid to people who need them. Also, they provide education to children and employment training programs for all to earn and live. They help kids living in the streets & give them bathing kits consists of a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, soap, shampoo, dresses, etc.

Official website.

6. Life Help Center

Life Help Center was set up in 1977 in Chennai & they were recognized for their services by the President of India. Their motive is to provide accommodation, education, workshops, and job facilities for both mentally and physically challenged persons. They provide job-oriented training to mentally retarded persons. The training includes Cover making, leather tailoring, carpeting etc. for adults. They then sell the finished products at cheaper rates for needy people in the society. They also collaborate with Southern Railways in providing social services. They have a special room for physically challenged women & also train them to make orthopedic supporting devices for themselves.

7. Naam Foundation

Naam Foundation was formed in 2010 by Maniratnam, the film director, and his wife Suhasini. This NGO takes care of neglected women in the community including widows, unmarried women, single mothers, etc. They provide job-oriented training to needy women and provide education to their children. They provide free medical check-ups for women and their families & also provide counseling and training programs for motivating them.

Official website.

8. Bhumi

Bhumi has a large number of young volunteers from the society. Their aim is to provide education to orphan children in under-developed areas. Their well-wishers include Google, SBI, Tech Mahindra Foundation, etc. The social schemes include planting trees on roads to make the city green and also make to make it free of ad stickers.

Official website.

9. Mithra

Mithra is one of the popular NGOs for mentally and physically challenged persons in Chennai & it was founded in 1977. They provide free education up to the age of 16. They provide facilities for self-employment like canteen services for women and light engineering work for men including cover making, doll making, carpentry, etc & have their own hospital to provide medical treatment to needy people of the society.

10. Agaram Foundation

Agaram is an NGO founded by Surya, the Tamil film actor in Chennai in 2006. They provide student scholarships to needy and eligible children. They provide free training programs for the aptitude and personality development of poor children. Every member of the Agaram Foundation has to sponsor education for at least one child in the future.

Official website.

11. Udhavum Karangal

Udavum Karangal (Helping Hands) is a registered, non-governmental, non-religious, and non-profit social service organization, established in 1983, with the sole objective of serving people in need.

Official website.

If you know more NGOs, please feel free to comment here.

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  2. Mahalakshmi Ganesan

    Hi Mani Karthik, check out ALERT

  3. udhayasuriyan

    Dear Sir,

    i am applying personal loan for my sister marriage but in bank my loan application reject due to low cibil score please make any opportunity to get loan from bank or any trust

    i am replace the amount via a monthly EMI term

    now i have no words to explain my situation

    udhayasuriyan M

  4. vetri

    ur life is in ur hands … hav a great start ,, all the best

  5. Revathi

    Best wishes for ur service sir

  6. Revathi

    Hello sir, i am Revathi, an engineering graduate with 1.5 years work experience. Unfortunately My husband left me alone bcoz of his ilegal affair. I have one year old son. I am supposed to live my life becoz of my son. I need a safety shelter for us. I dont have parents and sibblings. Kindly navigate us to live our life.

  7. Vellaisamy

    Hi Mani Karthik,, Thanks for your update.. I would like to know any NGO belongs to south Tamilnadu where Gaja Cyclone affected area as I have people to help those needy people through local NGO.

    Could you please suggest?

  8. Sumathi

    Hi Karthik..!

    I am Sumathi, working in Vidya Sagar, a 33 year old NGO, based at Chennai.

    We are a rights based organization, advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities. Our team in the disability legislation unit run by persons with disability has been impacting laws, policies and programs at the state and national level.

    Vidya Sagarโ€™s strength lies in technical expertise in rehabilitation and working for disability rights to be met. To recognize this we network with human rights groups and other technical institutes in and around our country.

    We run the following programs:
    1. Early Intervention- 0 to 6 years
    2. Family Based Rehabilitation with Parent Training and Inclusion of children to mainstreamschool
    3. Day Centre with Education, Therapy, Communication, Counseling and Vision Training
    4. Employment Education Program for pre-vocational and vocational skills
    5. Youth Program with livelihood training, exploring and creating employment opportunities
    6. Human Resource Development training of Special Educators and short course for counselors
    7. Disability Law Unit for Advocacy

    In a year 4000 persons with disabilities and their families, from a range of socio economic and literacy backgrounds, from different parts of India and neighboring countries benefit from our technical expertise, through direct and community based programs.

    We have received three National Awards and the India NGO Award for outstanding services in the field of disability.

  9. santhosh kumar p.s

    Nice to meet u sir


    Thanks Mani. Just wanted to let you know that Team Everest is a chennai base NGO their main focus is PROMOTING VOLUNTEERING & PROVIDING EDUCATION.

  11. Pakkialatchoumy

    Thank you brother for your informations

  12. Mani Karthik

    That’s an amazing gesture Tina. Feel free to check out the above mentioned NGOs. If I find any else, I’ll let you know.

  13. Tina Datta

    Hi Mani,
    My name is Tina and I am from Singapore. I am the mother of 2 young kids. Actually I have a large number of used clothes. In Singapore, it is difficult to dispose of all these used things(all in a good condition). I was looking for some NGOs (particularly in Chennai) who can the make best out of it. My husband travels to Chennai sometimes so I can send some with him in his next visit. Please suggest me in this regard or if possible give me some org. It would be helpful if you could name who can collect old clothing from us. I would prefer to reuse those dresses rather than discard them. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Mani Karthik

    Thanks for letting know Raj.

  15. Raj

    Brahmos Mantra is an Chennai based NGO which they doing active volunteer support on various social causes…

  16. ilaks

    What about make a difference (MAD) mani?

  17. Suryakanth

    Hi I am suryakanth from Kerala. As u know wushu is a popular martial art which is also a sport. Me and my wife is teaching wushu in different arts of Kerala. We have a number of girl students who bagged 16 medal in national championship. They are from poor families. Is there any one to provide sports kit to them

  18. Mageswari

    Hi this is Magi, can you suggest me any NGO related to diabetes???

  19. juli Route

    SUPERB Mr, Vignesh i cannot forget the boxes of sanitary towels that was bought for our org during the chennai flood 2015 . That was of use for many……apart from the children who were housed.

  20. Mani Karthik

    Nice knowing about them. Thanks!

  21. Mohanraj

    I am also doing a volunteer role in “Vazhai” NGO….I neither heard and nor met like this Kind of NGO…they are doing really a big impact to the students in terms of Education & Values. I really proud to be a part of it……

    Vazhai was founded by a group of First Generation College Graduates in April 2005 who wanted to pay back to the society in terms of education,Life Skills, Social Responsibility, Mentoring and Career guidance to children in remotest parts of Tamilnadu. Like a plaintain tree that nurtures its sapling, Vazhai attempts to nurture school children in the remotest parts of Tamil Nadu.With helping hands from all the fields, Vazhai is now entering into its Eleventh year with 100 students at Dharmapuri and Villupuram districts of Tamilnadu.


    To empower underprivileged rural students with education and values.

    For more Info…

  22. Johnson

    Hi, Iam representing a company, where the main objective of the company is to provide credit for promotion, expansion and commercialization of enterprises engaged in agriculture, allied and rural non-farm activities. We are providing support for livelihood/ income generating activities by extending credit to Panchayat Level Federations, Trusts, Societies and Section 25 companies/ MFIs for on-lending to its member SHGs/ JLGs.

  23. Mani Karthik

    Hi Sudarshan, I didn’t know about it at the time of writing. Will add. Thanks.

  24. B. Sudarshan

    Surprising, why “Udavum Karangal” not in your top 10 list? Any reason?

  25. Mani Karthik

    Hi Smita,

    Nice knowing about your work. I wish I could help, but at this moment, I’m not sure about that kind of data/work. However, I will be mindful of it and see if I can find any contacts. Feel free to contact me via email. Thanks.

  26. Smita Sudheesh

    Hi Karthik,

    Good Work. Best of luck fpr all ypour works,

    I am working as Law reasrcher in one of the Companies in Gurgaon. We do social audits in various districy, city/village in Chennai. Can you provide me with some deatils and contact number of NGO who can guide me about the minimum living wages for the labour or factory workers.

    Hoping and waiting for the reply

  27. Mani Karthik

    Hi Hari,

    Sorry to hear about it but I’m glad you are keeping well and fighting it. I currently do not know of any NGO (although I’m pretty sure there are some) that I can recommend now. But I will keep it in mind and should I find one, will definitely get back to you. Thanks for dropping by. Take care! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. p. haridas

    Can you suggest me an NGO that is providing medicine support for people with epilepsy.

    I am an epileptic since birth and still taking medicines at 50. did my neurosurgery six years back and but still experiencing seizures.

  29. Vishal

    Hi Mani Can you please help me in identifying some NGO’s working in women empowerment and entrepreneurship in kerala state

  30. Mani Karthik

    Shraboni, it’s pretty easy. Choose a line of work that makes you happy and contact an NGO that does it. There are several options with the above mentioned ones. Try contacting them.

  31. Shraboni Banerjee

    Hello ,
    This is Shraboni Banerjee from chennai.
    I want to join in NGO.
    Please help me know how can i join.

  32. P.Muthu

    SKY FOUNDATION is a Registered Charitable Trust Established in 2012, with activities in villages around Kancheepuram District.
    Vision; Be a small part of the larger vision of
    an India where economic/income generation opportunities
    are available to all, regardless of caste, creed, gender or
    other historical or geographical circumstances.
    Mission : Act as a donor intermediary in
    funding community driven initiatives in the areas of
    education, health, development, and social welfare; and
    support relief and rehabilitation efforts in times of natural or
    man-made disasters.

    Mission : Act as a donor intermediary in
    funding community driven initiatives in the areas of
    education, health, development, and social welfare; and
    support relief and rehabilitation efforts in times of natural or
    man-made disasters.
    Major Activities and Achivements of SKY FOUNDATION
    Tree Plantation, Free Vetrinary Camps, Toboco Awareness, AIDS Awareness , Free Medical Camps, Education Promotion, Education Career Guidance.

  33. Nivas Sri

    Can you refer me any ngo, those who are helping hiv affected people… I’m ready to service them…

  34. Mani Karthik

    Great though Rahul. All the best. Choose from any of the NGOs above. They’re all doing great things for the society.

  35. Narayanan

    Sir my relation brother is transcender aged about 51 now he wants peace full life they are very poor he is willing to do any type of work, he needs shelter and food, kindly do the needful.

  36. Rahul

    I would like to do something for the society. Which ngo should I join.
    Ph. +919633553525

  37. Remya Raj

    My name is Remya studying in 4th cse In PSNCET,Tirunelveli.. My friend Pulary Prakash was suffering financial crisis after her fathers death… She want to pay 79000 as final year fee before july 1 2016. We dont have any other way to pay the amount.
    Can you please tell me which NGO will help us??

  38. Devaraj

    Dear Mani,

    Can you suggest which NGO will help to poor lady , who meet in accident & she is coma stage, since she has 2 kits her husband working as toiler , they need help for hospitalization kind of things only.

  39. Mani Karthik

    They’re doing a great job. Been there once!

  40. Mani Karthik

    Neetu, find out what you are compassionate about and what drives you. This is something you might be doing for the rest of your life, with no rewards, recognition, anything. There are many options, but choose one that’ll make you smile and be happy as a person.

  41. Neetu

    I want to give my life by servicing needy people.
    Which NGO should I join?

  42. Mani Karthik

    All the best Ajantha.

  43. Ajantha dhamotharan

    Thanks Manikarthik for your service, I am doing referral services for Differently abled students in Trichy. .

  44. Tharani

    please send me the details reg napkins

  45. Mani Karthik

    Good luck Vignesh.

  46. vignesh

    we are the manufacture for sanitary napkin disposal and sanitary napkin vending machines and we supplied all over India. our company decided to selling the machines in special discounts for NGOs sponsors and donators this is our little contribution. any Queries or Quotations [ 9087882016 ] or mail me.

  47. babji

    Akshaya foundation deserves a mention

  48. Seshadri Venkatesan

    NALS wishes to raise funds for deserving NGOs through treks and expeditions. If any NGOs requires consistent funds please write to

  49. Chandrasekar N


    TN needs to vote for a change for the all round progress and corruption free governance! Request your contribution in social media!
    Pl share your views.

  50. Mani Karthik


  51. P Babu


  52. Akansha

    Well curated. But, the list does not end here. There are NGOs like Annamrita, Child Aid Foundation, Holy Cross Educational Association in South India who too are doing great job in their respective fields.

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