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It was a few months ago that one plus introduced the new mobile phone called One Plus 3. This was a highly anticipated smartphone among those who were looking for a highly efficient and inexpensive phone. Yes, I am right, paying $399 for a smartphone with top-notch features like OLED display, all metal build, bigger battery, faster SoC and more internal storage was worth it.

The new launch from One plus is the One Plus 3T which appears to be a mid-range smartphone and I am covering some differences between One plus 3 and One plus 3T.


One plus 3 is priced at $399 whereas one plus 3T is slightly bumped up to $439 in the US. Of course, you can amp up the storage space to 12GB for $479.


One plus 3 came in several colors like soft gold and silver. One plus 3T is to make its appearance in gun metal.


One plus has announced that the dimension would remain the same as that of One plus 3 which is 152.7mm tall, 74.7mm wide, 7.4mm thin and weighs 158 grams. Good news for the one plus 3 users who are planning to upgrade. You need not buy a new cover for it.


The display remains the same as that of one plus 3 which is a 5.5-inch 1080p Optic AMOLED panel, as well as the optional software button or hardware capacitive button configuration below the screen.


The camera is also pretty much identical to that of One Plus 3. The front facing camera has 16-megapixel camera sensor, while a 16-megapixel 1/2.8-inch camera sensor with 1.12-micron sized pixels, f/2.0 sapphire glass lens, phase detection autofocus and a single LED flash sits on the back.

So what are the differences?

I heard that One Plus 3T is not a significant upgrade for current One Plus 3 owners. The internal specification includes snapdragon 821 which is a better system on a chip. But this can’t be counted as a leap off a change compared to the Qualcomm’s snapdragon 820 which is present in One Plus 3.
The battery life of one plus 3T is stellar compared to that of one plus 3. You heard it correct, I know that many of you must be cribbing on the low battery power on the smartphones. In fact, I am one of them who can bearly get through my battery life for a day. Seriously, battery life has become a questionable factor in many of the smartphones including Apple. But in One plus 3T, this is not a matter of dilemma. You can enjoy an amazing battery life and use your mobile phone for at least 2 days based upon your usage. Thanks to the modest increase of 13% in the battery size.

Virtual Reality is a buzzing technology these days and One Plus has completely ignored the VR. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 is known for its excellent VR capabilities.

The front facing camera is the biggest advantage for One Plus 3T. It has an unusual range of about 16 Megapixels. Don’t get too excited here. It has forgotten some major features like front facing flash or HDR. Never mind, mistakes do happen.

Here I am listing the Pros of One plus 3T so that you all can make better decisions:


  • Excellent battery life
  • Very good build quality
  • Hardware priority mode is genius
  • Beautiful and catchy OLED screen
  • Front facing camera is phenomenal. It has 16 mega pixel instead of 8MP. The low light mode is incredible.
  • Light Andriod skin with good features
  • 16 – bit sound output


  • No Bluetooth apTX
  • No VR support where as One Plus 3 has daydream VR support
  • Launched with Android Marshmallow instead of Nougat

In my personal opinion, One plus 3 T is an asset to someone who does not want to spend exorbitantly on a smartphone. But if you are already on One Plus 3, don’t worry! you are not missing out on a lot.Of course, everybody does not care about VR or daydream. What works the best with One Plus 3T is its battery power and camera features with an updated chipset. Hence, do not hesitate to upgrade or buy a new one. This is worth the money. Waiting for your comments below.


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