Top 10 Online MBA Courses in India

Having an additional MBA in your resume is always a good thing. Be it internal promotion or a job change, getting an additional MBA will boost up your chances of getting a better deal. No wonder, there has been more MBA graduates in India than ever before and the number of working professionals taking up an additional MBA to fortify their career has gone up. So, for anyone who has decided to pursue MBA as an additional career option, the question is – Where can I get an online MBA from? We will tell you more about this in this article.

Why online MBA?

Many reasons. First off, it is easy to get one. You can get an additional MBA degree while you are working. No need of going to college, wasting time in commute but with the pleasure of working at your current job, you can get an online MBA from the comfort of your home. Gone are the days when you had to go to evening colleges and spent time elsewhere to earn a degree. Getting an online MBA is the sure shot way to nurture and take your career to the next level.

10 Best Online MBA Courses in India

Let’s take a look at which colleges and universities are offering the best online MBA courses in India for working professionals.

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1. Amity University

Amity University, a popular and well acknowledged university, offers online MBA courses in the following streams. MBA in Global Finance Markets, MBA in 4 semesters and specialization in various streams. Courses are all online and correspondence options are also available. You can study anywhere anytime with the study material they provide and using online learning materials. For working professionals, there is a fast track program too.

Official website –
Contact phone number – +91120 – 4614200

Best Online MBA Courses India

2. Venkateshwara Open University

Venkateshwara University, a non profit organization, is accredited by UGC (University Grants Commission) and AIU (Association of Indian Universities) and offers online courses in MBA with specialization options in Human Resource Management, Corporate Secretary ship, Project Management, Banking and Finance, International Business, Tourism Management, Education Management, Hospital Management and Investment Management. Anyone who has a graduate degree from a UGC recognized university can apply for this course and it takes about 24 to 48 months to complete. They also have an Executive Masters in Business Administration course, for working professionals having 2 years experience.

Course fees – Rs. 53,200
Official website –
Contact phone number – +91-9768393911 / +91-9773322666

3. Don Bosco University

Don Bosco University in Assam is accredited to University Grants Commission (UGC ) of India, as well as the Distance Education Council, India (DEC) and offers MBA Programs in General Management
 Logistics & Supply Chain Management,
 Operations Management
 Retail Management
, Human Resource Management, 
Finance Management
 and Marketing Management. Most courses run for a maximum of 3 years and all exams can be taken online.

Course fees – Rs. 1 Lakh
Official website –
Contact phone number – 1800-10260-18

4. Indian School of Business Management & Administration

This college, recognized by the British Standard Institute, Council of Distance Education and the EU Chambers of Commerce India offers several online MBA programs for the working Indian professional. They call it the Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) and costs you about Rs. 35,000.

Course fees – Rs. 35,900
Official website –
Contact phone number – 1800 200 4726

5. ITM University Online MBA

ITM University is a private university that 0ffers Online MBA courses for working professionals. If students clears all semesters they will be given a certificate in Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ITM Vocational University, Vadodara, Gujarat. They have a modern curriculum and offers specialization in Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resource.

Course fees – Rs. 80,000
Official website –
Contact phone number – 1800 210 1020

6. Jaipur National University Online MBA Course

Jaipur National University is recognized by UGC, AICTE, DEB. JNU is also an esteemed member of AIU (Association of Indian Universities) its attested by HRD ministry of India as well as Indian Embassy so its globally valid. They offer online MBA courses with lot of electives such as Banking & Finance, Operation Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Marketing Management, Design Management, Hospitality Management, Infrastructure & Construction Management, Network Infrastructure Management, International Business,
BPO Management, Material Management, Retail Management, Risk and Insurance Management, Telecom Management, Hospital Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management,
Wealth Management, IT Management.

Course fees – Rs. 55,800
Official website –

7. Online MBA from Pondicherry University

Pondicherry University’s Directorate of Distance Education offers online MBA course for those who wish to get an additional degree to boost up their career. Any degree holders from a recognized university is eligible for applying for this online MBA course.

Course fess – Rs. 45,500
Official website –

8. Karnataka State Open University

Karnataka State Open University offers an “e-learning” program on MBA where students can use their mobile apps to learn courses online easily, whenever they want to. They offer specialization in marketing, HR, IT, Operations, Retail and Finance and the course is for 2 years.

Official website –
Contact number – 8880 339 339

9. National Institute of Business Management

National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institution approved by the School of Distance Education, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, and offers both 1 year and 2 year MBA courses for professionals. They offer specialization in Marketing Management, Human Resource, Export Management and Logistic & Supply Chain Management.

Course fees – Rs. 49,500
Official website –

10. Symbiosis Institute of Distant Learning

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) offers Post Graduate Diploma, Diploma and Certificate programs across industry sectors including Business Management, International Business, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Insurance Management, Education Management, Business and Corporate Law and Entrepreneurship Development. They’ve received several awards for their excellence in the programs and are constantly updated with the best curriculum and faculty.

Course fees – Rs. 40,000
Official website –
Phone Number – +91-20-66211000

So, there you have it. The best universities and colleges in India offering online MBA courses for working professionals. Given the ease at which these courses can be taken, I strongly suggest checking them out. Also, ensure that you check with the university/college about the updated fees and course structures and they tend to change. All the best!

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22 responses to “Top 10 Online MBA Courses in India”
  1. Nilanjana Sanyal

    I have completed 2 years B.Sc. Degree from Calcutta University in 1985 , my current job is with an MNC Organisation heading a Region with almost 29 years working experience . I am 53 years old with lots of tectic schedule . Now I want pursue MBA online course for career growth.

    Please suggest a recognized course which I can able to do with my current job & it would add value to my knowledge and career growth .

  2. mohamed Thahir

    I am working in A GCC country , have 30 years of working experience in accounts department. I am a graduate from a Kerala University, would like to do Executive MBA online course.
    Need to know about JNU Jaibpur , ISBM , Noidra and NIBM Global

  3. Yogita

    I am Completed my TYBCOM in Finance, and I interested in Online MBA Course.
    Please Suggest me Witch University better To me as well as Witch University’s Charge lowest Fees Because of I Belonging very Middle class Family.
    I Have 8 Years Experience in accounting Work

  4. aman sir

    yes you can

  5. Nitilesh

    hello sir is it good to do MBA finance in ITM University?

  6. te

    I just passed out from B-tech, and joined an MNC with good package of 10Lakhs.
    Tell me should i go for online MBA or should i stop by job after certain duration and going for offline MBA?

  7. Mani Karthik

    Do you have verified info?

  8. Jotame Turagasila

    Amity is being investigated by the government. Somebody informed me that Govt has withdrawn its prior recognition

  9. Murali

    My son has done his B.Sc (Multi Media) and a PG dip in 3D animation from MAAC (Maya Institute of Aimation and Cinematics). He has now 2+ years experience. He is now looking for enhancing his knowledge on the management front. I would like to have your feedback on what is the speciliastion that he should be doing. I dont see any specific specialisation related to the media sector in any of the institutes.

  10. KGS

    Hi Karthik,

    I have discontinued my graduation and started working now I am with 13years work experience in Garment Manufacturing ,I did my PG diploma in Apparel Merchandising.

    Now I would like to do MBA for career enhancement.

    Could you please suggest any University for my education background complete MBA.

    Thank you.

  11. Muni

    Hi Karthik,

    I had gone through the online MBA. Right now i am at USA working as Java Developer. My study background is MCA.

    I would like to do online MBA with International Business. In future i would like to become Entrepreneur. Could you please suggest me which branch in MBA is better and please suggest me which University is better among top 10.

    Thanks for you help always. You are doing awesome help for the people like me . I am waiting for your reply on this.


  12. Mahe

    Are the online programmes approved by aicte and around the globe for all these? Sometimes institutions do online programs but will not be aicte accrediting for online mode

  13. Mani Karthik


    From what I know they are accredited with NAAC, so it depends on which company/organization is trying to validate overseas.

  14. Ranjith M

    Hi Mani Karthik , thanks for post , i like your blog 🙂 , I have question Pondicherry University , Degree is valid across global overseas countries in european countries ?

  15. Sharmila

    I’m Sharmila from Chennai. I’m looking for 1 year Online MBA. Please suggest me universities names, Thanks!

  16. Sridhar

    Hi Bro,

    i am Sridhar from Tamilnadu. Working in Malaysia as design engineer. nature of work is power generation and transmission. i would like to do Online MBA. but bit confused about what shall i go for whether infrastructure and construction management or project management and also please suggest college to do.

  17. Mani Karthik

    Depends on where you are taking it to? “Valid” is a broad word. For ex: valid for overseas job? Valid with Govt. accredition v/ Govt. approval. The ones with approval and Government accreditation are mentioned above.

  18. Firoz

    Hi I’m looking for 1 yr online MBA ,I need to know whtr the certificate is valid or not.

  19. Mani Karthik

    Hi Nishad,

    I don’t think your visa matters. Online courses are up for anyone to take. There are some great online MBA courses that many work visa holders take to enrich their career. All the best. btw, did you find one yet?

  20. Nishad Karambelkar

    Hi Mani, I am looking for online MBA course for One of my Senior who is not from India & he want to do online MBA course .But the issue is I want to know is there having any university or college who provide online MBA for the person who only have work visa not the student visa.Please help me with some reference .Thank you

  21. Mani Karthik

    Hi Devi,

    Venkateshwara Open University is accredited by UGC, Don Bosco University is accredited to UGC and Jaipur National University is recognized by UGC. All of them have MBA courses you can take. But they do have assignments etc. I would suggest contact them directly to get more details on whether they have any flexibility about it.

  22. Devi

    Hi Karthik,Im a engineering professional with 10 yrs of experience. Am looking for a Distance MBA from a UGC approved university with annual pattern exam without any assignments , projects etc.(bcoz i dont have much time to concentrate).Kindly help me out in this regard……….

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