7 Amazing Open Source Software for Small Businesses

It is important for businesses to consider Open Source technology as part of their infrastructure as it comes with a number of advantages & benefits. The benefits of using Open Source technology include the following:

  • Auditability

  • Cost-Effective

  • Stability

  • Reliability

  • Freedom and Flexibility

  • Accountability and Support

Here are 8 top Open Source software that organizations can use for their security:

1. AccessStream for Budgeting


This is software for open-source identity and access management. Functions that include authorization, authentication, audit and reporting are provided by this software. It can be used with current applications that an organization uses or it can be used on its own.

2. FreeNAC for LAN Management

FreeNAC is a LAN access control tool that provides VLAN management and assignment. Live network inventory, access control and patch cabling documentation are other services that this software provides.

3. KeePass for secure passwords

In today’s digital age, you need many passwords for a variety of things.  KeePass is an open source manager for passwords and helps with the management of passwords in the most secure way. Your passwords can be stored in a database. A master key is locked with one master key and it requires just one master key or key file to unlock it anytime. These databases are encrypted with the most sophisticated encryption algorithms such as Twofish and AES.

4. Libssh Project

This is a C library that makes use of the SSH protocol in conjunction with libcrypto from OpenSSL.

5. Network Tools

The services that this tool provides you is debugging or analyzing a network protocol and it also helps in determining the metrics of your organization’s network. A protocol analyzer acts as a TCP client or server and a pipeline located between a server and client show how they communicate.

6. Prey for multi device data security


This software helps you in keeping track of your laptop, tablet or phone if you happen to lose any one of them. It is light weight open source software that provides complete and remote control, 24 hours a day.

7. Dradis

This is an open source framework that allows you to work more efficiently by gathering data from various tools. The data is then presented in a vast variety of formats. This is a web application that is self-contained to provide a centralized repository data so that the progress of projects can be tracked. This is one of the best ways for teams to collaborate and work efficiently and effectively.

Attempts to hack servers are a common occurrence nowadays. Viruses, malware and Trojans are constant threats that we need to protect our computers systems from. There is no software that is completely invulnerable from these threats; however, open source software does provide superior performance when it comes to security. If a threat is identified, it can be fixed in just a few hours in many cases. Open source licenses give organizations the right and freedom to take control of the tools that they depend for smooth running of their operations.

One of the great things about open source software is the fact that organizations do not have to spend a single cent on it. Nowadays, they are easily available on the Internet and can be downloaded free of charge. Open source licenses enable you to use the software multiple times without any mandatory costs. Upgraded versions of the software can also be gained without making any payment so that an organization can interoperate with their partners, stakeholders as well as customers.

Open source software is flexible and transparent. If there are tasks that organizations want the software to perform, all that needs to be done is modification of the product. This modification can be done by the staff in organizations or professionals can be hired to perform the task. For those who have ideas and suggestions, the Open Source community welcomes every one of them and they will be reviewed so that changes and improvements can be made in any software to provide more benefits and services. As you have read, Open Source Software is   useful, effective, reliable and easy to use.

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