PayTM users not able to add money via SBI Bank

If you are a PayTM user, and is having trouble using SBI online banking to load money to PayTM app, worry not.

It’s not just you but anyone using PayTM will not be able to load money from their SBI Bank account to PayTM. This is officially declared by SBI in their official tweet here.

More details on why this is in place is not available, except that SBI took this decision to promote their own UPI app, SBI Buddy.

This is an unfortunate turn of events. If banks like SBI decides not to play along with popular private apps like PayTM, then SBI users will be forced to use their own apps, which most of the time does not provide the same kind of user friendliness. And acceptance of SBI Buddy is probably not as high as PayTM.

Also, some users have noted that SBI’s mobile app is sometimes not even available for download from the App store. This is really bad experience for SBI users. And now if they are forcing users to use their apps despite not having a great experience, it will have strong negative effect and repercussions from its customer base.

And I hope banks like SBI understand the fact that it’s by making better apps and better customer experiences that you increase your user base. Not by limiting choices, not playing along friendly with other services/apps or forcing things down users throat.

If more and more banks decides to cut their ability to be able to load money to PayTM (and other cashless apps) then, there is going to be some ugly wars played out between different companies.

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