Best Free Photography Apps for Windows 7

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Which is the most favorite and the most popular category in the Windows 7 App Store? No doubt, the camera apps. With every phone now coming with more and more megapixels of picture data, there is a frenzy of camera apps being developed for Windows 7 mobile phones.

Let’s take a look at the best photography apps for Windows.

Free mobile camera apps for Windows 7


1. Camera Extras app for Windows 7

Get more from your Nokia camera with great extras, including Smart Group Shot and Panorama. Depending on your device, you may need to perform a device update in order to access the Camera Extras functionality.

2. Fhotoroom – Increase performance of your Windows 7 camera

An amazing camera application, this app increases the performance of your Windows 7 phone device multiple times. Utilizing technology like our custom EV (Auto Exposure), Grid and Level all come together to extend the ability of your camera. It also has a photo-sharing service of its own, which gives photo enthusiasts a place to showcase their photos. Much like Instagram, this is a great app to click some awesome photos.

3. Photo Enhancer for HTC Windows 7 phones

This is a great app to enhance your photos much like Instagram on HTC windows 7 phones. What it does is that it gives you several photo enhancing features and filters that you can apply to existing photos after clicking them. There is also a photo-sharing network where you can add your photos and showcase them.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you used any of these Windows photography apps?

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