These places will accept your old 500, 1000 Rupee notes

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Written By Mani Karthik

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As the country is struggling with the recent currency ban, people are still unsure where to use their old 500, 1000 Rupee notes. While we’re all awaiting for the new notes to come, there are still some places that will accept your old 500, 1000 Rupee notes. And the RBI has issued additional clarification, extending the old deadline of Nov 11 to Nov 14th, 2016.

Here are the places which will accept your old notes, according the the latest RBI rules.

1) In Government Hospitals

You can make payments in Government hospitals anywhere in India for medical treatment. Also pharmacies in Government hospitals will accept old Rupee notes for buying medicines with doctor’s prescription.

2) Railway ticketing counters

All railway ticket counters and all ticket counters of Government or Public Sector undertakings, buses and airline ticketing counters at airports for purchase of tickets.

3) Co-operative stores

You can also purchase anything using old notes at consumer cooperative stores operated under authorisation of Central or State Governments. Customers should provide their identity proof.

4) Govt. authorized Milk booths

You can use the old Rupee notes for purchase at milk booths operating under authorisation of the Central or State Governments.

5) Petrol pumps

For purchase of petrol, diesel and gas at the stations operating under the authorisation of Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies.

6) Burial grounds & Crematoriums

For payments at crematoria and burial grounds.

7) Airports

At international airports, for arriving and departing passengers, who possess specified bank notes, the value of which does not exceed five thousand rupees to exchange them for notes having legal tender character.

8) Foreign Currency Exchanges

For foreign tourists to exchange foreign currency or specified bank notes, the value of which does not exceed five thousand rupees to exchange them for notes having legal tender character.

9) Pharmacies

Payments in all pharmacies on production of doctor’s prescription and proof of identity.

10) Gas cylinders

For payments on purchases LPG gas cylinders.

11) Railway catering services

For making payments to catering services on board, during travel by rail.

12) Metro rail services

For making payments for purchasing tickets for travel by suburban and metro rail services.

13) Tickets at Archaeological survey of India

For making payments for purchase of entry tickets for any monument maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

14) Municipal and local bodies

For making payments towards any fees, charges, taxes or penalties, payable to the Central or State Governments including Municipal and local bodies.

15) Utility charges

For making payments towards utility charges including water and electricity -which shall be restricted to individuals or households for payment of only arrears or current charges and no advance payments shall be allowed.

Source – RBI