10 Best Public Universities in USA

I’ve always aspired to study in the US. And I know I  have plenty of colleges to opt and courses that I can choose and persuade. The next biggest question that came to my mind was about financial obligations. Should I choose a public college or a private college? If you’re a student hoping to study in theUS, this article will give you insights about what college to choose – public or private.

Here is a list of best 10 public colleges in US:

1. University of California, Berkeley

This is oldest of oldest of the 10 University of California research colleges. They have also sent 16 student athletes to the or Team USA in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

2. University of Virginia

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is fun place to be. students can choose from four undergraduate schools: arts and sciences, architecture, engineering, or nursing. The mentality of UVA is ” Work hard, play hard”. For more details: click here

3. University of California, Los Angeles

One of the renowned colleges in California. They have produced nobel laureates,MacArthur Fellows and a host of athletes. For more details: click here

4. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The college is known for its stellar undergraduate business courses. The college has given birth to a number of successful business associates of the present year. Did you know that Larry Page is an alumni of University of Michigan? For more details: click here

5. University of North Carolina

Located in Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina is one of  the oldest Universities in the USA offering 78 bachelor’s degree program. It offers unique courses like nutrition, Slavic languages, and political science. Formore details: click here

6. College of William and Mary

Behind Harvard, the College of William and Mary stands as the second-oldest college in America. The courses offered at this University is so diverse and vast that students end up exploring the world as well: Nearly 50% study abroad during their tenure at the school. For more details: click here

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

This is a public research university in Atlanta, Georgia. The university is highly renowned for its engineering and mechanical courses. For more details: click here

8. University of California, Santa Barbara

The most sought after programs are environmental studies and they are global leaders in science research. It serves about 19,360 undergraduate students. For more details: click here

9. University of California, Irvine

This campus offers 80 undergraduate degrees and 98 graduate and professional degrees. The professors provides a very welcoming environment for the students. For more details : click here

10.  University of California – Davis

Also shared by UC – San Diego, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, University of Wisconsin – Madison.

These schools are partly under the supervision of Government and offers discounted tuition rates to in-state students.

Here is a quick comparison between private and a public college:

  • Public colleges rely on state funds whereas a private college typically relies on donors and tuition fee. So the cost of studying in a private colleges are higher than that in a public.
  • The class sizes would be pretty large in a public colleges. On the flip side, you have a very good chance of finding your favorite degree since there are many degree options to choose from. And the one on one interactions with the professors are very less. But private colleges have a a fixed number of limited seats with less degree options. But this is a great place to have a one on one interaction with professors.
  • Public schools have a larger campus and they typically have more social activities. This would help grow your hobbies and other activities. The private schools are very tight knit and have less social activities. Their focus would predominantly be on studies.

So folks, choose wisely and get the best.

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