Reliance Jio DTH Set Top Box – Everything You Need To Know

I had recently reported about Jio’s plans to reveal a DTH set top box and home internet for 1GB here. Looks like the DTH set top box is coming home sooner!

Un-official leaks (via Twitter) indicate that Reliance Jio is all set to reveal it’s DTH set top box platform soon. Here are all the details I know so far.

How does the Jio DTH set top box look?

From pictures leaked on social media (Source), here is how Jio’s DTH set top box looks. It’s rectangle in shape, just like any other set top box with a custom branding in the front, and comes with a custom branded remote control.

Reliance Jio_DTH_Box

What features does Jio DTH set top box have?

Possibly an HDMI output, USB outputs (clearly seen on box), perhaps an audio Auxillary and what appears to be a power or internet cable input. Right now, there are official details available, so anything I say is pure speculation at this point. Nevertheless, this set top box seems to be top notch with 1080 resolution HD possibilites.

Jio DTH welcome offer?

One thing everyone’s asking on social media is whether the services will be free or not, just like the introductory offer with Jio’s 4G mobile network. Well, there is a good chance that Jio will make a splash in the market with free offers. Reliance is notorious (in a good way) to take the market by storm by launching amazing offers. So, what better than offering the service for free? Let’s wait and watch.

Jio DTH Plans

So, what about plans? How many channels will be available on Jio’s DTH platform? Well, un-official reports are saying that there shall be more than 80 HD channels and about 300 regular channels (non HD). There is a good possibility that Jio will get into partnership with streaming platforms like Amazon and Netflix India.

Jio DTH Price?

Well, that is obviously the most popular question. How much will Jio DTH cost? Again, there are only speculations but it looks like it will cost only about Rs. 200 or less/month. Well, that is one way to save money!

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