10 Best Remote Desktop Apps

In computing, the term remote desktop refers to a software feature that allows a PC’s desktop environment to be run remotely on another system. i.e., it is possible to access a computer from another location by remote desktop access. A Remote Desktop Client for Android enables you to connect to your Windows computers across the Internet from a mobile device powered by the Google Android platform. Remote desktop applications have varying features.

Here are some remote desktop clients for Android phones:

1. GoToMyPC (Remote Desktop)


With GoToMyPC, it is possible to access Mac Desktop from a PC. It allows you to access your PC from anywhere. You can easily access your files and programs. It also ensures that the data sent from your computer to the remote machine is secure. This is done with the help of a standard encryption protocol that encrypts the secure web pages. It can be a valuable tool for those who choose to travel without a laptop.

2. LogMeIn Ignition


LogMeInIgnition enables you to access all the files that are stored in your computer from virtually anywhere. The remote computer can be controlled by a keyboard or mouse. It is possible to view and access your home files with the help of this remote access application. You can also transfer your files from your phone to the computer. It is also possible to run the programs remotely from your computer. It is easy to download and can be installed on Android.

3. PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro


PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro helps you to access your files on Mac computers from anywhere. It lets you access your home computer from anywhere in the world. It has been named as the best cloud mobile app for android tablets. It is easy to set up and has some of the powerful features which one could ever imagine. The screen tools provided in this app are easy to operate.  It encrypts fast performance techniques and offers many connectivity options to the end-user.

4. OnLive Desktop


OnLive Desktop lets you view and create documents with the help of Microsoft Office Word. It also lets you edit files using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. It is also possible to transfer your files on the OnLive Desktop and many other devices with the help of this tool.

5. Remote Desktop


Remote Desktop helps you to recover all the documents and files in your phone. You need a standard browser in order to run this app. The main features include striking up a connection between the device and the desktop. It allows different functions and provides access to a particular network from anywhere.

6. Remote Desktop Client


With the help of Remote Desktop Client it is possible to connect your computer to a mobile device powered by Android. The mouse and keyboard can establish control over the computer once it is connected. Your computer can be secured without any loss of files or applications. It makes the use of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol.

7. 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop


Remote Desktop Protocol allows you easy access to another device. In addition, you can make use of the remote Window applications and desktops that connect to the 2X ApplicationServer XG. The 2X Client for the Remote Desktop Protocol runs easily on desktops using the Windows Terminal Server. Cool and easy!

8. Android VNC Viewer

Android-vnc-viewer lets you connect to a remote machine so that you can easily make changes without storing any file in your phone. It is an Open Source remote desktop program and it can be connected to most of the vnc servers. It helps you to connect and control the desktop of any vnc server including TightVNC, Linux, and x11vnc. It also helps to store your sent texts.

9. TeamViewer for Remote Control


TeamViewer for Remote Control helps you to control the remote device from your computer. You can easily edit your documents by gaining access to your computer with the help of this software.

10. SplashTop Remote Desktop


SplashTop Remote Desktop is the only app that can be used to stream your PC or Mac & allow you to interact with applications, games, and other files through Wifi and 3G networks. With Splashtop Remote you do not need to carry your computer everywhere. Pitch perfect!

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