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Businesses these days have identified the importance of lead management that marketing and sales lead management software out there has stepped up the game and are now offering a ton of features that haven’t been in the sales books for years now. But all for good really. Starting from lead capture to lead nurture and email management, these software do a lot of tasks that were earlier done manually or semi-manually. With sales lead management software like Salesforce, managing your entire lead flow is super easy as putting them into a contact list and then choosing from a list of tasks what to do.

And trust me, there is a lot of competition. Certain lead management software do the basic stuff like contact management and lead nurture while sophisticated ones like Salesforce do a whole lot more like CRM integration and custom APIs. Let’s take a look at the best sales lead management software available in the market today.

1. Zoho CRM


This is a powerful sales lead management software that helps you automate a lot of tasks related to sales and customer relationships (it is more like a CRM software). They offer support for a number of things such as inventory, customer support, sales, marketing, and more. You can integrate this CRM with MS Office, E-mail, Outlook and Google Apps and use features such as CRM Analytics, Inventory Management and Marketing Automation. Prices start as low as $12.

2. NetSuite CRM+

This lead management software offers a number of features such as supporting lead generation and complete customer lifecycle management. Other things included are marketing automation, sales force automation, order management, partner management and even customization choices. This is a little expensive at $129. However, you have a free trial option to check their services.

3. Maximizer CRM


This is a powerful cloud CRM solution that is not expensive, even the full featured version. You can ensure more sales and have detailed understanding of sales targets with easy implementation of marketing techniques. With the full version available for as low as $39, this is one app you need for ensuring sales for your growing business. Other features include Sales forecasting and Email marketing.

4. Pipedrive


Another powerful sales lead management tool that gives perfect overview of sales and the lead management process for the team. It has an easy to use interface and offers effortless sales lead management, just like in a CRM. What also works is the fact that you can use it in your mobile device and prices start as low as $13/agent. It also offers Google Calendar & Contacts Integration.

5. NetSuite

Expensive but fully featured and powered, this is Ecommerce software that is designed for retailers and ecommerce sites in a single system. You have everything, right from order management to CRM or even web store in the software. It is used by over 16000 businesses across the world, something that is worth commending. Among the common features are Email and marketing automation, Ecommerce analytics and Affiliate marketing, and prices start at $500.

6. AIMcrm

Focusing on automating most of the tasks, AIMcrm tries to get away with tasks done manually in CRM. From movement with leads to sending brochures, everything is done automatically, ensuring the leads are pursued with dedication and on time. You can even track your advertisements, and all of these come at starting packages of $55. This is power of automation at its best.

7. BPMonline CRM


This CRM software does everything that you would need such as sales CRM software, contact manager software and services management software singlehandedly. You can manage and organize marketing activities and customer database, and at the same time, you can automate document processing, as well. Check the time usage of your employees and analyze business results with the software, and prices start for as low as $29.

8. Salestrakr


Salestrakr is a full featured CRM that offers a lot of features at a fraction of the cost of other CRM based software. Among the features are import of existing CRM data, Email Dropbox, management of pipeline, Group Email, automated marketing, advanced reporting and more. Prices start at as low as $24.95, making it one of the best in the market.

9. Less Annoying CRM


This one is mainly for small businesses, ensuring that don’t have troubles in getting an affordable CRM solution. Prices start for as low as $10, and the features include reminder setting, tracking of sales leads, creating contact groups, mobile website, MailChimp integration and management of sales team.

10. The BusinessMan Enterprise solution


This is a complete CRM software system that has everything but is in an expensive price bracket. Features include customer management module, integrated Resource Scheduler, Document Management, Sales Order Processing and Human Resource Management only to name a few.

Have you used any of the above sales lead management software? What are your experiences with them?

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