10 Ways to Save Money When Shopping on Indian Websites

If you are a shopaholic, you know how good it feels when you get out of a store with your hands full of shopping bags! And, with the proliferation of online retailers, now you get to indulge in retail therapy, right from home. Of course, there are various other perks of shopping online, such as better deals and cash backs. Here’s a list of 10 ways you can ensure the best savings while shopping online on an Indian website.

Compare various sites for prices

Just as you do while shopping offline, first compare the prices of your favorite products across various online shopping sites. You can also make use of aggregator sites, such as Junglee.com, Scandid.com, etc., to compare prices of various products to get the best deal.

Explore coupons

Almost every e-commerce website offers coupons and discounts. You can earn coupons or maybe even buy them. Make sure you redeem the discount codes while you are shopping online. Remember to read the terms and conditions before using a coupon, so that you can make the right purchases.

Use cash backs

Utilizing cash backs is another efficient way of saving money while shopping online. Various third-party apps, such as Paytm, CashKaro.com, etc., offer reward points and cash backs when you make purchases using their apps.

Search for products with free shipping

Shipping and delivery charges may vary across sites, merchants or your address. However, various e-commerce sites offer free shipping, irrespective of your location, while others offer free shipping only after a minimum purchase amount.

Wait for the big sales during festivals

The time for shopping online is during festivals. This is because most online stores offer huge discounts during these times. Sometimes, you can get discounts as high as 60-80% on your favorite products.

Buy gift cards

Online gift cards are gaining popularity these days. This is actually a good gifting idea since it allows the recipient to choose the items they want most. In fact, using gift cards could even win you discounts, cash backs or coupons.

Purchase using a credit card or wallet

You can get exclusive offers and discounts when you choose to pay through your credit card or e-wallet. Also, different banks offer various types of rewards when you use their credit card. In fact, you can get a minimum 1% cash back on online purchases made with your credit card.

Go for interest-free EMI options

With plenty of online shopping sites giving EMI options, you can actually buy your dream product without ruining your monthly budget. Do thorough research and choose a site that offers zero interest on EMIs to save tons on your online shopping.

Choose to buy e-books

If you are a book-worm, you might love the scent and feel of a physical book in your hand. However, you can actually save a lot of money by buying e-books instead. Plus, it will be eco-friendly too!

Stay updated

The key to saving money while shopping online is staying updated. You can subscribe to newsletters or follow the social media profiles of various online shopping websites. This will keep you updated on the latest sales, offers, and products.

What are some ways you save on money when shopping online in India?

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