10 Easy Ways to Send Gifts to India from Abroad

If you’re an NRI like me, you would have come across this situation very often. Googling – “How to send gifts to India?”. Well this article will tell you all about it.

It could be your family, friends, or just about anyone. You wished if there were ways to easily send gifts to India by just selecting something you liked and someone else making it available to your loved ones in India.

I’ve had this thought with me every time, to send flowers, electronic gadgets, sometimes even chocolates for Valentine. So, this article is essential for all my learning trying different services out there that promise to send gifts to India. Let’s take a look, at which is the most reliable, easy-to-use, and trustworthy services out there to send gifts to India.

If you want to send gifts to India, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it is important to know the correct address of the person you are sending the gift. Second, you will need to choose a shipping method that is reliable and affordable. And finally, you should be aware of the customs regulations in India so that your gift can clear customs without any problems.

By the way, I’m evaluating these websites based on their ability to do the following.
– I should be able to select and buy gifts using my USA credit card.
– Service should be able to deliver the gift anywhere in India.
– Ease of using the website.
– Overall reviews and feedback from customers are available online.

How To Send Gifts to India – 10 Easy Ways

Let’s start with some of my favorite services.

1. Flipkart

I know this might sound obvious, but trust me, this is a good reliable solution if you’re buying things that are already on Flipkart (which is pretty much everything). My first experience was buying a mobile phone for my mother in India.

The process was smooth and I bought the phone online from Flipkart, using a US credit card (there is a small $2 fee associated with it), put the shipping address to my home in India, and the delivery was made in just 3-4 days as expected.

All my mom had to do was sign off on the delivery. Now, I didn’t send it as a gift, but you have the option of packaging it as a gift.

Pros – Wide variety of products. Easy shopping. Can use a US credit card.
Cons – Certain items are not available, like flowers, and cakes. A small fee on US credit card processing.

2. Gift Basket Overseas

Gift Basket Overseas is a company that delivers all types of gifts including special gift requests to India in just 1-2 days. They have a wide range and variety of gifts to be sent to your relatives in India at cheap rates.

Their USP is that you don’t have to worry about dealing with customs and fees. They will deal with it all on my behalf of you. They have a flat delivery fee of $15 and that’s about it. Check it out here.

3. Taj Online

Taj Online is yet another dedicated website for NRIs to buy gifts online for their loved ones. They specialize in things like cakes, flowers, jewelry, etc. I like how they have made it easy for shoppers to shop by category, like gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

This is a reliable brand name, in existence since 1998, and who got acquired by a UK company in 2008. They have a dedicated customer support center and transparent shipping and distribution policies.

Sample price – 1 Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake – INR 1095 (Shipping Free)
Pros – Categorised inventory, reliable brand name, good customer service.
Cons – Some products are expensive.

4. Gifts 2 India Online

Taj Online is another great website where you can select and order gifts for your loved ones from abroad. They have a collection of about 50,000 gift items including cakes, flowers, and even clothing, and boasts of exceptional customer service. Some items were listed cheaper on this website compared to others.

Sample price – 1 Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake – INR 1195 (Shipping Free)
Pros – Categorised inventory, good customer service.
Cons – Some products are priced higher.

5. Awesome Ji

Awesomeji is another service that you can use to send gifts to India easily. They have a huge variety of products to choose from and they even have same-day delivery.  Most of the products are a bit less expensive than the four other websites mentioned above. Example below.

Sample price – 1 Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake – INR 1240 (Shipping Free)
Pros – Categorised inventory, better price.
Cons – Reputation.

6. Gifts to India 24×7

This website has everything others in this list have in terms of products but with a difference – 24×7 support. But their product inventory is slightly lesser than some of the other big guys in this space. They’re focused on flowers, cakes, and the like with less categorization, so it’s a little tough to find stuff. A little intense search will help you find the right thing though.

Sample price – 1 Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake – INR 1240 (Shipping Free)
Pros – Less but focused inventory, 24×7 customer support.
Cons – Price.

7. Gifts n Ideas

This website that ships gifts all across the world, it’s not really focused on India but that’s included as well. It wasn’t very pleasing to see only a few cities from India, listed on the site. But nevertheless, the site has several gift ideas, some of them packaged really well like gift baskets and surprise gifts. The prices however are significantly higher than another India-focused site.

Sample price – 1 Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake – INR 1640 (Shipping Free)
Pros – Customer service.
Cons – Expensive products.

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8. Talash

Talash is a gifting website that has been around since 2000 and has a credible brand name to it. They’re a passionate team that looks at quality of gifts and is committed to customer service. Finding a product is slightly difficult but the search functionality is useful. I like their collection of art and craft gifts, by the way, they have a nice collection of those. Prices for products like cakes and flowers are surprisingly low compared to the seven sites mentioned above.

Sample price – 1 Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake – INR 1099 (Shipping Free)
Pros – Great selection of products, Customer service, Price.
Cons – Finding stuff on the site.

9. US 2 Guntur

US 2 Guntur, like a lot of other websites focuses on perishable items such as flowers or cakes. But their highlight is a personalized gift store where you can send gifts that are customized, for example, cakes made from photos and mugs imprinted with photos. Their prices were slightly higher compared to other websites though.

Sample price – 1 Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake – INR 1544 (Shipping Free)
Pros – Custom gifts, Customer service.
Cons – Price.

10. Infibeam

Infibeam, is a leading online retailer in India & world’s fastest-growing eCommerce Technology Company. They offer a wide variety of gifts to India including cakes, jewelry, flowers, and a lot more. Their prices are a lot cheaper than what we’ve seen elsewhere on the site. Their customer service is much recognized as well.

Sample price – 1 Kg Eggless Chocolate Cake – INR 1099 (Shipping Free)
Pros – Custom gifts, Customer service.
Cons – Price.

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So, there you have it. Ten great websites to buy gifts to India right from the USA or wherever you are. All you got to do is, select the gift, buy it with whatever payment works for you and they’ll send the gift to your loved ones in India.

Drop in comments, about your experiences with any of these websites.

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  1. Prativa Collection

    Previously I made a lot of purchases from INFIBEAM but recently it’s not available. Don’t know it has been sold out or not!! As of now, I think Flipkart or Amazon is best.

  2. Monika Sharma

    But You can try international credit card or debit card on Sendbestgift.com. It accept all the cards, netbanking from any corner of this world..

  3. Naveen

    Needed an urgent cake delivered to my long-distance girlfriend’s house in Chennai. Fortunately, got on this site Frinza and let’s just say, the bond has grown stronger after the cake and the bouquet delivered on time for her. Great service, amazing initiative. Thanks for being there in the right place at the right time. If you are also looking for an online gift delivery in Chennai, do try Frinza at least once.

  4. Karishma

    Tried Amazon.in. International credit cards don’t work on most products.

  5. Monika Sharma

    sendbestgift.com also should be in the list, the one of leading online gifts delivery portal holds India’s largest delivery system and provide same day delivery for gifts, cake, flowers and many more gift ideas for all occasion & festivals in India.

  6. Rama Krishna

    Amazon.in is also very good and should be one in the list.

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