5 Ways To Get Working Snapdeal Coupon Codes

Snapdeal is one of India’s leading shopping stores that sell products at a discount rate compared to other online shopping sites. What I like about Snapdeal is that they have unique offers that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, everything from smart phones to credit cards to even land and apartment can be found online on Snapdeal. No wonder, India loves Snap deal.

Another interesting thing about Snapdeal is that they have discount coupons available that you can use to get additional discounts and hampers on selected products during check out. Snapdeal coupons are many, some are time limited while some are evergreen and some are reserved for certain products or category. In this article, I will share with you all the cool websites where from you can get real working Snapdeal coupons.

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20 Websites to get working Snapdeal coupons

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Up to 45% Off Coupon code for Snapdeal

CouponDunia is a coupon website that offers several Snapdeal coupons, right from 5% off any purchase to 45%! These offers change daily and some coupons may not work if you are trying to use them after they have expired. But a nice hack here is that they have an email newsletter. If you sign up for it, they will send you Snapdeal coupons and offers straight to your email inbox. Most of their coupon codes work and they will be marked as “Verified”, if they do. Try it out.

2. Snapdeal coupons that always work

CouponzGuru is a coupon site that takes pride in offering only coupon codes that always work. They offer coupons for almost all the leading online shopping websites in India, but Snapdeal’s coupon codes are special. They claim that they keep checking daily for coupon and promo codes and all their offers are verified. Although, this is a claim every coupon code site makes, their offers seems to be legit from whatever I’ve tested. For the same reason, they don’t have too many (just 40 offers at the time of writing this), but whatever offers are posted are verified and real.

3. Limited date based Snapdeal coupons

Like I mentioned above, there are different types of coupons offered by Snapdeal and one kind is the date based, limited coupons. And this site called Zoutons, appears to be focusing on them for Snapdeal. There are more coupons than Couponz Guru (about 200+ coupons at the time of writing this) and almost all of them are date based coupons. Which means that you have to use them within a certain period of time. The dates on which the coupons will work is mentioned next to them and the last day when they worked are also noted. This will help you filter off old coupons and only use the ones that actually work.

4. Coupons for products on Snapdeal

Coupon Raja is a coupon website that offers free Snapdeal coupons for different products on Snapdeal. Just before you check out your product on Snapdeal, I highly suggest you check out this website and search for the product you are buying. Chances are that they might have a coupon code and you’ll be able to save some money.

5. Flat 50% off coupons for Snapdeal

Now, this is a different type of coupon for Snapdeal. This coupon site by Hindustan Times offers flat X% discounts on certain product categories like Men’s clothes, fashion accessories etc. They don’t a lot of coupons like some of the other coupon sites mentioned above, but they are really verified and working coupons. One thing you have to notice is the time when they worked last time. It will be mentioned next to the coupon (for example: “Worked 2 days back”) and you should select coupons that worked lately and not old ones.

Which websites have you used for finding Snapdeal coupon codes, and what is your experience?

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