10 Best Social Networking Software for Business

Social networking is all the rage these days, isn’t it? Of course, there are social networks like Facebook for everyone but how about having one for your office or business? Could you use the same network people use for their personal lives? Of course not.

I personally love social networking – it brings people together and thinking of it from a business perspective, I think it is a lot easier and effective to bring everyone together and get productive at work.

But social networking is not just Facebook. All offices have their own internal network these days. No pokes though. Bummer!

Here are some of the best social networking software for business – graded in no particular order, but these guys are the best out there.

1. Ambassador


Ambassador is a business social networking software that is attuned to provide users with an extra edge in business by integration and growth. It has comprehensive programming that enables the user to ascertain the performance of social programs. It is embedded with tools that provide return on investment (ROI) calculation of your social network.

2. Communifire


Communifire is a social networking software that concentrates on social collaboration at an enterprise or organizational level. All employees can benefit from this app by sharing ideas amongst themselves. It also encompasses the thought process of employees, customers, and partners.

3. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a social app that helps organizations and enterprises to create a social web. Such social webs are designed for marketing campaigns. The unique feature of the social networking dashboard is that it enables businesses to better organize themselves in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. for better marketing results.

4. Socialengine


Social engine is a social networking app with rich and helpful features that offers you an unbridled, customized personal network. Moreover, there is unconditional freedom in expressing thoughts by a user. It also gives the user the unique opportunity of choosing their own marketing content. It is hosted on a user’s server and is widely popular among hobbyists and professional people.

5. Yammer


Yammer is a social networking app that is absolutely apt for organizations and enterprises. The entire organization becomes a social web that is also secure and private. Yammer provides a seamless platform for collaboration, communication, and sharing of ideas and thoughts.

6. Post Planner


Post Planner is an app that builds planning insights of a user. It helps the user to plan and time his Facebook post in groups and pages. This allows saving of time. Moreover, the user is well prepared with posts of the future as well as the content. All the user needs to do is set up a planning parameter with regard to when they will be posted.

7. DemandSpot

DemandSpot is an app that helps Twitter users to find followers in their field of expertise or industry. It is also effective in finding new followers who could help to contribute to a user’s business. It is a steady application for Twitter and is tailor-made for getting the benefits of Twitter in real life.

8. Buildchatter


Buildchatter is an app that is tailor-made for users who want to target social networking giant, Facebook to expand their business. They enable the user to customize their interface by adding customized Facebook applications for clients and businesses. Applications provide quizzes, contests, gifts, and more.

9. Wibiya social bar


Wibiya social bar is an app that is free to use and provides the integration of useful apps for the user. Wibiya is the easiest way to allow integration and management of time for users.

10. Rypple


Rypple (now work) is a free app that provides seamless feedback and monitoring of the social media crowd and is now integrated with the Salesforce enterprise collaboration platform.

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